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This WILD adventure called life requires that you give everything. However, some weights can make you run slower. While we do not have absolute control over it all, we sure can manage our ‘Food&Fitness’ choices. You can lead a life almost devoid of health challenges, lethargy, excess body weight, high blood sugar/cholesterol levels, high/low blood pressure, diet-induced sicknesses, menstrual cramps, tooth ache, laziness, lack of discipline, and more – literally your BEST life – with the weapon of a healthy lifestyle. 

My name is CoachE’ and I am here to help you #BringHealthyBack

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How We Can Help You:

Weight Loss / Healthy Living Programs

At CSL, we believe fat is not just dangerous, but thankfully mobile. Our WhatsApp-powered e-Squads ensure that we arm every woman with all you need to lose weight and live healthy.

Group Aerobics

The more the merrier, right? Of course. So, whether it is a party of 5 or 500, we provide GROUP AEROBICS sessions (including talks) for Business Owners, Organizations and Companies, so that we have healthier and more productive employees.

Nutrition & Health Talks/Seminars

Diet is king, but unfortunately, a lot of information out there is half true, confusing, contradictory or outright false. Our Nutrition and Diet talks will leave you feeling empowered with knowledge and make you want to go make a salad IMMEDIATELY.

Preggo Nutrition & Fitness Packages

At CoachE’s Saved Fit & Pregnant division, we believe every Pregnant woman should ROCK HER BUMP WITH SOME DISCIPLINE. So, we arm our beloved Preggos with the right prenatal nutrition and exercise packages to ensure baby and mum enjoy optimal health and fitness through pregnancy​

These people think we’re awesome. The feeling is mutual!

Weight management and keeping up with my workouts had been a challenge for me. CoachE’s energetic zeal, knowledge, and strength drawn from her faith has given me the resilience to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Now I'm almost 10kg lighter and I am motivated to do more.
Ebii Nzewi
I was 10kg over my ideal weight when I got pregnant. Four months post-partum, I had added an extra 10kg to that. It was the day someone asked me if I was still pregnant that I quickly contacted CoachE. 12 weeks later am rocking a flat tummy, feeling lighter, stronger plus the bag of knowledge I have now is making me enjoy my new lifestyle
Linda Alisigwe
I didn’t expect much from the program considering it cost 1/4 of what my colleagues were paying. But today, my results from this ‘cheapee’ program screams loudly. I am 10kg lighter and shattering my personal fitness records 💪💪
Babajide Ebuwa

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