CoachE’Squad’s Social Media Roundup (Sun 24:06.18 – Sat 30:06:18)

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Sooooooo, last week was an exciting week for me, Birthday week and everything. Learned one huge lesson… OBEYING GOD ROCKS (Not like I didn’t know before).

But this is not why we are here. Today, we wanna walk you through what went down on our Social media platforms last week. IG @coachesquad

I’d start with our post on how to navigate owambes. I understand the relationship between an average Nigerian and parties, like they are totally inseparable. And with owambes come different orisiri that are not weight loss friendly.

In this post, I highlighted three ways to navigate owambes on your weight loss journey, and I want to talk about the first point, which is (If you can afford to), DO NOT GO!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that sounds like an extremely brutal suggestion in Nigeria, where not honoring a party invite will automatically make you garner enemies but my Sister, you are not GOD, and therefore cannot please everyone.

If you know that your honoring an owambe will hurt your weight loss journey, please for the sake of your waistline, honorably decline the invitation if it is an option.

Looking at the bigger picture, in life, there are certain things/people you let go for the sake of others and by all means do without feeling guilty. If you try to carry the weight of the whole world on your shoulders, trust me, you ‘gon come crashing down baby.

I have two more ways we can navigate owambes, it’s not as brutal as the first I promise. Check them out here.

Something else I quickly want to touch on is my Guardian Post. And I am excited because I have been preaching healthy eating in pregnancy and have not particularly highlighted the kind of diets to indulge in, so I generously did in this post, just in case you have been thinking on what and what to eat on this healthy journey during pregnancy, CoachE’ is here for you, just bounce into my post on The Guardian here, and enjoy…

In case you didn’t know, this chick is a food and fitness coach cum NUTRITIONIST cum MAKE UP ARTIST, like so many feathers on this my cap. Yeah baby, I am a Make-up artist, I graduated last week, but not without drama, I’m sure my coach will not forget me in a long time. I blogged about all the drama that came with this journey and linked MAKEUP to WEIGHT LOSS coaching.

Go Figure baby!!!

Then, on my saved, Fit and Pregnant page, I posted a question I always get over and over again about how to make post pregnancy stretch marks reduce/disappear, and my answer has always remained the same,

Get a Pre-Pregnancy stretch mark cream, Post-pregnancy stretch mark oil, apply it generously on your belly, and the stretch marks you saw before, you will see them no more ever again.

I didn’t type the above o.

As for me and my family, Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Postpartum Oil, Stretch Mark Vamoosing Butter does not work, IT DOES NOT WORK, I say again, IT DOES NOT WORK, don’t waste your money, wear those ‘tiger marks’ with pride biko.

Stretch marks is from within, formed as the skin stretches, so they are not external scars that comes from injuries that you can use topical creams to clear. You can read further here.

One last highlight before I go. MY WEIGHTLOSS EBOOK.

A good part of my LIFE is in that book. If you read it, you will understand what I am saying, The interesting thing is that the lessons in that book are not limited to weight loss alone, you can apply it to so many other aspects of your life. Please download it already.

There are so many parts of my social media sphere I would like to bring to you, but because of space and respect for your time as well, we did an improvement on some existing processes, and one of this is to shorten the lengths of blog posts and emails because in as much as we have good intents to cover a wide range, we should also consider people’s time, hence the adjustment. I shared this in my Newsletter that went out this week. If you are not subscribed yet, please do. Just drop your email below.

I get to share so much inside gist with my subscribers – we want to keep it short. You can catch the whole gist on my social media platforms. IG/Twitter @coachesquad

See you in my next roundup post, and yay for a new squad that just began

Nope, you cannot join us now but you can sign up already for the JULY 15 Squad. Details in fliers.




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