Master these THREE THINGS to smash your (fitness&life) goals…

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It’s a new week and I am here for some motivation…

Hey everybody…

My weekend was INTENSE but a new week is upon us and I have nothing but gratitude right now, with a lot of hope for amazing testimonies this week. Amen!!!

Anyways, this morning in the kitchen, just as I prepared for an interview I had this morning at WIG Radio while preparing my family meals, the HOLY SPIRIT just dropped something in my heart which He wanted me to mention at the interview and I suppose He will have me share right here with you all… Beautiful thing is beyond weight loss, this can be applied to every area of life…

So, what was it the Holy Spirit told me?

He said that there are THREE THINGS that we must learn to manage if we are going to have the results that we so desire in our lives

  1. Our time
  2. Our apetite
  3. Sleep

Because this is weight loss, I will streamline it to that, but hopefully, I get to blog about this on my personal blog where I can be a bit broader in application.

So, time?

One thing I hear from people who sign up for one of our services, especially weight loss, is I DON’T HAVE TIME.

When I hear this, I am irritated. I have moved from being super irritated to being mildly irritated, but irritated all the same. 99.9% of the time, that is an excuse created because they do not consider weight loss and all it entails worth their time. Sure, they have time for the ‘more important’ stuff, but heaven forbid we wake up earlier to work out, or re-organize our finances to take care of our new lifestyle. Nope. Any effort that places a demand on our time is too much, so NO TIME.

Honey, if you learn to manage your time better, AND INTENTIONALLY make room to fit in FITFAM, you will realize that you have time. What this looks like for me is that I KNOW I have to work out 5 t0 6 times a week. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME, I find ways to make sure I get it done, even if it means waking up an hour earlier, or sleeping 2 hours later. What this means is that I make sure to manage my time better and so my life is better.

Next, your appetite. I love this Scripture…

Woe to the land whose king was a servant and whose princes feast in the morning. Blessed is the land whose king is of noble birth and whose princes eat at a proper time— for strength and not for drunkenness.
Ecclesiastes 10:16‭-‬17 NIV

Oh gosh, mature people, LEADERS, KINGS eat for STRENGTH and not for drunkenness

What does it mean to be DRUNK with anything?

It means to be over full… to have something to a point where it satisfies, and then surpass it to a point of stupor. E.g. being drunk in love and you start doing stupid things. E.g. sleep and over sleeping. E.g. spending and then over spending on frivolities and even BORROWING to spend on liabilities.

We need to curb our appetite for food yes, and pleasures, enjoying them in portions that actually strengthen us, not sap our energy.

Food is good I agree, but to live to eat, giving into every and any food impulse is baby stuff I tell ya. And this goes beyond food, we must watch everything we do so that we do not tip into the drunken state

There is a third which I don’t have time to go into and that is SLEEP!!!

If you master, HAVE POWER over sleep. You have won one of life’s hugest battles

Now combine this with proper time management of your waking hours, and a controlled appetite and you my sister are bang on your way to achieving your goals.

Have a FRUITFUL week ahead.




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