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It brings up many emotions for many of us, and for someone on a weight loss journey, it may be a reminder that you messed up your weekend by over indulging in treats from parties and just generally being idle.

Yes, BOREDOM is a real reason for over eating, and with less work to do and more TV to watch over the weekend, there is a tendency that your mind drifts a lot to food, and your hands and feet follow that drift all the way to the fridge, kitchen, or mama Uche as the case may be haha.

So here are THREE practical ways to beat the weekend over eating craze… (especially for those on a weight loss journey)

1. Have a PLAN.

Personally, I am CONVINCED that if I wanna succeed at anything, then I have to be INTENTIONAL about planning for it, most times in Black n White. Instead of just going casually into the weekend, PLAN YOUR WEEKEND meals (If you are in our Squad, our MEAL PLANS are just perfect so STICK TO IT) and then prepare for it. If you know you need to make Okro soup on Saturday night, buy the okro on Friday or Saturday morning. If low on fruits, arrange to have it restocked. Don’t just leave your meals to chance. BE INTENTIONAL about the plan and then STICK TO IT. And yes, even if you are having a TREAT, plan that too. And make sure that you balance out the meals on that day too. No need having a treat of Pizza and Ice cream Saturday night, when breakfast was Fried eggs and 6 slices of bread, Lunch was fufu and egusi soup, and then you now treat with Pizza and Ice cream? No, my sis, BALANCE!!!

2. Don’t START!!!

You see, your desire is like tap that is faulty and can only work in the OPEN direction. Once you turn on that tap, it just starts to flow, and most times you might even know when to STOP but you cannot cos that train already left the station. So, try your best to stick to your plan, and when you see something, especially something you love outside the plan, don’t even taste it, especially at that point when desire is high. Once you taste it, you have whet something and the discipline and self-control you need to stop is wayyyy more than the one you should have exercised at the start to not even taste it. This is usually my case with groundnut so unless I know I won’t feel bad at eating almost 2000 calories worth, then I don’t bother starting. This is also why we are advised to not start kissing and smooching with someone you do not intend to have sex with. Cos once you start, it most likely will end right between the sheets


Now, life is not perfect and lapses are usually a part of your weight loss. If somehow you slipped, then wake up on Monday pretty determined to GIVE THE NEW WEEK YOUR BEST SHOT, and you may begin with A SOLID MONDAY MORNING WORKOUT. Working out especially right early sets your mood and mind for a day of discipline. Another thing you may wanna do is a DETOX even if for 2 days to cleanse your system and get it functioning optimally again. I have a FREE 5DAY DETOX right on my App and attached is a STEPWISE process to downloading it.

Consider this my MONDAY GIFT to you to bring sexy all the way back like it NEVER LEFT!!!

Have a great week ahead. Squad



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