Week 2 Days 1&2… #10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge

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Mehn, let me start by gisting us of how I now went to buy ‘EXPIRED’ Fruit and Fibre. Even though I saw that the Best BEFORE date was Oct 17, and that day was a day to Oct 1, I still chartered 3 packs lol.

Anyways, here’s why…
BEST BEFORE date differs from EXPIRY date…

EXPIRY DATE means it has expired. Don’t mess with it at all, or food poisoning or even worse can happen…

BEST BEFORE means that it just moved from BEST to BETTER so you can still eat it without issues. At this point, you may wanna rely on your senses like the taste, how it feels, what it looks like etx before consuming.

For dry foods though, you better believe that food is fine sometimes a month after its BB or more.
But hey, I am just sharing something I do ooo, not laying down laws by which you must live…

So last last, you decide what you wanna do
And then do it. Don’t say CoachE’ said you should be eating EXPIRED STUFF oooo Biko…

Me, I am all for prudence so when I see a good deal, I know God is looking out for me and my finances in that season


Plus, I had to taste it on Tuesday evening and it was SOLID GOOD!!!

Ok before i proceed, I must apologize for the inconsistency here. I will try to post 2 or 3 times a week updating yawl on my #10kgIn6weeks weight loss challenge

Ok so let’s go back to Day 1 of week 2
Find my week 1 result here

Sunday was good.

Didn’t work out though cos I slept in traffic lol. Almost 4 hours cos they are fixing a road close to my home. So annoying. When I got home, I was FAMISHED. If I used that anger to eat, I would have finished a house, so I came home and had cucumbers first to settle my belly down
Then had 1cup of rice and 2 cups of coleslaw and chicken.

Then must have had another half cup of rice from tasting and feeding my kids lol…
Also had 3 slices of bread and veggie eggs for breakfast
Snacked on crackers, garden eggs and little oseoji then lots of teas and water
No workout but it was a good food day

See my screen shot of my food diary

Monday, I had catfish peppersoup with 3 cubes of sweet potato in it for dinner, 2 boiled eggs for breakfast, then snacked on cucumber and oranges

Went for a run that Monday which was a public holiday

I will talk about Tuesday and Wednesday round up tomorrow which is Thursday cos I wanna do a comparison of both days…

I hope the scale is good to me this weekend but I am wearing my bum shorts today and it feels increasingly looser so I am sure my inches are reducing.

Even hubby who touches my belly all the time says it has come down…


I love and respect the scale but it doesn’t hold my joy, especially when there are other indicators of my weight
Ok guys, see you tomorrow



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