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3 coaching lessons I learned from my Makeup classes.

Recently, I started to learn makeup and I concluded my 2-week PERSONAL MAKEUP training last Friday

I was SO EXCITED to have concluded it, and even more excited to start to practice all I learned on my own face. Excited as I was, there were challenges too, and definitely many times I thought of giving up.

In the middle of all of it, God started to draw a line between my make-up training and weight loss coaching and I have HIS permission to share with you all in this blog post. So here we go,




You see, before I started this makeup lessons, God spoke to me. He literally did me a POWERPOINT presentation on why He wanted me to do it. It was not just a good idea, it was a NECESSITY so an INSTRUCTION. I needed it for my assignment as CoachE’. And guess who was directly going to benefit from it? Me!!! So, every time I felt like giving up, I would recall WHY I began. I knew it was not just a GOOD idea but an instruction from God, so I would get my tail up and go to class. So, I will say, before you begin your weight loss journey, define your WHYs. Could be spiritual, aesthetic, or medical, but whatever it is, make sure it is strong enough to keep you going when it gets tough.



You see, I thought makeup was going to be all fun and stuff, but on the road, I saw just how challenging it can get. Truly, nothing good comes easy. Like brows took me like 10 hours to get right. It was crazy. It was frustrating. Even my Coach was frustrated lol. I was disappointed in myself. The opportunistic devil wanted to make me feel like a failure sef. I mean, it seemed simple, why was I messing up? But it soon dawned on me that THIS BEING HARD AND CHALLNEGING WAS NORMAL. I was learning something new. Why did I think it would be as easy as ABC throwing up NO CHALLENGES at all? So. Nothing was wrong with me. I just needed to be patient, keep trying and not give up NO MATTER WHAT. Ditto your weight loss journey. It is HARD but it is NORMAL!!!


I recall my last day, as I walked out with my face beat by me, I felt so proud. I forgot all the days I felt like giving up. I recall the one day I snapped at my Coach, raising my voice and almost saying stuff I would have regretted. I recall all the wiping off I had to do cos I was doing rubbish. I recall all the eye pencils we sharpened till they finished yet no progress. In fact, at some point, she told me I had to start buying mine cos I was finishing hers, and I understood. I recalled the days. Like a bad workman, I quarreled with my tools, blaming them for the rubbish I was doing. Well, all of these paled in comparison to the fact that today, all of it IS WORTH IT. I can do my own personal make up now.

The feelings of restrictions, the days you have to work out but are tired, the absolute frustration of not eating what you wanna, the days of the scales not moving but you not giving up despite, and all that, my sister, YOUR SIZE 10 ISSA GOAL and SO WORTH IT


Oh i figured every loves a BONUS so here goes..


Tweak it but stay within the plan

So, there were things my Coach said that I just felt wouldn’t really work for me, so I would voice it out an ask her if I could do it my own way instead. For some, she agreed. For some she didn’t. However, I didn’t always take her advice. Like we didn’t fully agree on my foundation shade, and she also believed in mixing 2 different products, which I really didn’t think necessary. I was fine with one, so I decided I would stick with one instead. So as a weight loss coach, you may not always agree with all I say but don’t go so far off the mark. If my coach was saying 6, I was saying 5, not 1. I was still close but different enough to be happy with the results. Perf example, someone says I don’t like cabbage soup, I will just have a salad instead of making it into a soup, and then drink water. That is better than I don’t like cabbage soup, so I am eating egusi soup. Hmm. Your coach knows better so don’t be doing ITK and end up looking like a clown, or not losing any weight.


Ok so those are my 3 (and a bonus) lessons  learnt and I hope I encourage you with my story.

Love how my cross eye looks here

Have a blessed week guys, and don’t forget to sign up for our coaching starting July 1.

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