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5 Questions with BRIDGET

Hey Fit-Squad,

That’s how I woke up one morning to these pictures on my phone. I was like

shuo, who is this babe with a snatch waist and everything…?’

Turns out she was thanking me for my coaching and sharing her new size and pictures with me.

I asked for her BEFORE pictures and I didn’t believe she was the same person.


Ladies, please hear from the Testifier herself …

5 Questions with BRIDGET

1) How did the weight gain happen?

My weight gain came as a result of pregnancy…secondly eating for two when i was nursing my baby😁

2) What triggered your wanting to lose it?

What triggered my wanting to lose weight was when i got pregnant for my second baby, and I was asked to do glucose tolerance test as a result of my weight…

Secondly, during delivery the mid wife could not lift one of legs and at the same making feel bad with her comments. So I said to my self that I have to lose weight.

3) What was the hardest and the easiest part of this journey?

The hardest part was nursing a crying baby with workout in the morning and the easiest part was choice of meal😋

CoachE’s side note: In our Nutrition plans, we don’t leave off ANY food group. We just help with the right portions, and frequency.

4) How are you working on maintaining the weight lost?

💪trying so hard cause i love my body now…Am also making sure i don’t eat what am not taught to eat by my coach.

5) Advice for anyone planning to embark on a weight loss journey

My advice is first make up your mind,work hard like you are going for your professional examination, then ignore every enemy of your weight loss journey cause some people will say

ha you are too skinny, please oh be eating.

Hahaha I love how she ended.

I actually tell my Squaddies that until people start to say that, you never start. I’m super proud of this one.

It’s really EPIC work we do at CoachE’Squad Ltd. Beyond weightloss, we help elevate the quality of your life which fat tried to reduce, and together, we are BRINGING HEALTHY BACK…

We have various packages mama, and if you reach us via whatsapp on 09055868614 or email, we will be happy to fill you in.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to featuring YOU as you succeed in kicking fat out of your life for good.

Keep well,


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