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5 questions, 5 squaddies…..The weight loss journey so far

Hey Fitfam

Another set of our Hygiano squaddies hit the 20Day mark recently and as our custom is we decided to ask them some questions on their journey so far

Grab a chair, your fave smoothie and relax cos this blog post is so enlightening, trust me

These are the questions we asked them 👇

  1. First “I don’t believe this” moment
    As in what was the first thing that shocked you about yourself, the program, the coach, the squaddies… when you started?
  2. What are your Biggest win in the past 20days?
  3. If you were to write a book on your journey so far, what would the title and subtitle be and who would you dedicate it to?
  4. Mention one food you would want to eat forever and not gain weight?
  5. What are the best part and “Oh no, not again” part of the program for you?

Let’s gooooooo

We are starting with Gbemi. She’s such a joy to coach. She turns up for workouts daily and it’s such a joy, how her strength level has grown from when she started. Plus her records are always 💯 perfect


1. Having to wake up by 5am to exercise was a shocker! I would have given myself all the excuse in the world to do it later but I discovered that the exercises are not as difficult as I thought even with the the consistency.

The confessions which helps build my confidence; very easy and affordable meals, the accountability partnership (where we encourage ourselves to stretch and achieve more) and celebrating our small wins all came as a surprise to me and I love them all.

2. Biggest win the past 20days would be that I have been able to exercise consistently and even stretch myself more. I have more energy and I don’t get tired easily like before. I am loving to eat a lot more vegetables and also including salads in my meals. Being able to control my cravings for Donuts, cake and bread is fantastic. The discipline I have gotten with the portion and what I eat and also exercising regularly.

3. The title would be: ‘The Journey to Loving me and Loving who I am becoming.’ Subtitled: Building a healthy life style. I Would dedicate it to myself and God (for strength to be able to go through this journey). Will also like to thank Coach for encouraging me to take on this challenge towards my journey to motherhood.

4. One food I would want to eat forever and not gain weight is Bread LOL

5. Best part of the program for me would be the meals. Having to try eating differently and taking a lot of fruits and vegetables. The ‘oh no part’ is progress tracking because I get scared and sometimes the exercises too but I am encouraged because of the progress I see and how healthy I feel (before now, I used to have constant headaches and I wake up feeling sick almost every day).

Next we have our Darling Linda, a fine momma of 5, Queen of long distance walk and Crunches. She tensions everybody with her daily walks (10kms upwards) and 100 crunches 😁😁


  1. I was shocked when I ate soooo little and wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be. I kept thinking something will soon happen amd I will get very hungry but I went 4 days into it same thing. I was wowed like I can do this.💪
  2. My biggest win right now is Portion control. Now I can’t even eat more than a certain portion of food.
  3. The title would be: “Healthy living with Christ.’ And I would Dedicate it to my children ( Christabel, Caleb, Hayden, Hazel, Hava)
  4. Rice.
  5. Best part is the fact that you can actually eat virtually everything but in controlled portions. That 5:am work out ehn 🤦🏻‍♀️. Especially because I sleep at 2:am it’s always so hard to respond to my alarm. Lol

Now, Sharon Rose is one consistent mama when it comes to her workouts. She’s always willing to take up challenges. Herself and her accountability partner’s bond peppers everyone in the squad, haha! They really make a great team


I didn’t believe I could make exercise a daily routine and actually be consistent at it but now any morning I miss it, I feel like I missed a vital part of my day and try to make up for it. I didn’t believe the program and coachE’ will ask us to post our meals, workout pictures and progress reports, I thought it would be workout videos alone.
I didn’t believe we will begin to challenge each other as squaddies so soon, now I see myself motivated to do more than other squaddies.

My biggest win in the last 20 days has been abstaining from unhealthy snacks, junks etc. Now I see them and I intentionally tell myself “Sharon NO! buy an apple or something healthy.” 💃🏼

The Title of the book would be: ‘You can do the impossible’ Subtitle: Determination

I would have loved to eat Bread forever and not add weight haha!

Best part of the program for me is when we drop our progress report, and the ‘oh no’ part for me is the pressure I sometimes put on myself to do more than other squaddies

We also have our amazing Iwinosa!! Always showing up and pushing herself to new levels in her workout. I absolutely love how she brings God in on every step of the journey.


1. I was amazed at the way I had the strength to work out. The more I work out the more my strength level increases. Then I was surprised that the meals were meals you can easily get, mostly regular food but with a lot of vegetables and the portions are just adequate. I didn’t want any diet plans that would make me go back to my previous habits but this program outdid itself with the meal plans.

Overall CoachE’ initiated an enjoyable pattern that isn’t difficult to adhere to. The program isn’t too tasking and the exercise routine is not the boring hard stuff. Coach is an amazing pusher, gentle but firm and a great encourager she takes note of details and ensures you are motivated enough to try out each task for the day.

Also the Daily confessions are fire. I meditate on them and I keep seeing the realities of the words. I’m amazed with the way squaddies are bursting of energy. They give you a lot of encouragement when they recount their feats this keeps you adequately motivated to go through your routines effortlessly.

2. My biggest wins are: I no longer feel tired and my strength level is rising. I no longer pay frequent visits to the bathroom at night especially since I started exercising.

Also I can notice significant reduction in my size. Oh I enjoy the look on people’s faces when they say: “you are looking younger, are you coming down?” “Wow! you are reducing in size.” I am loving my self and my new look due to this steady weight loss.

3. If I were to write a book on my weight loss journey so far, the title of the book would be: “My trek out of obesity” and subtitled: “The pros and cons of the right diet and exercise for a beautiful and healthy you.” And I would dedicate it to: Rev Dr. Bunmi Omorotionwan ( she introduced me to my amazing CoachE’)

4. One food I will love to eat forever and not gain weight are much lol; salad and fish with lemon dressing, Fruit salad, Smoothies and Fish pepper soup. I have given more than recommended 😄😄

5. All the parts are enjoyable but I love the exercise the most. I just don’t like the timing, it’s still a struggle for me since I don’t sleep early enough.

Finally, Meet Tonbra, our gorgeous doctor squaddie who has the sweetest smiles in her workout pictures and tensions everyone in the squad with her Skips (1k upwards)


1. As a returning squaddie what shocked me was the change in structure, everything about hygiano was different from previous program I did. It had challenges for squad members, Amazing new recipes ( I really enjoyed my home made salad dressing), the devotional every morning .So it was power parked and coach E wasn’t playing.
As for me I am more open trying out the new recipes, and creative using what I have at home to ensure I always eat 99% close to the plan.

2. This has to be exercising regularly. I had tried to get back to exercising as the year started but I wasn’t consistent. I exercise more now and consistently.

3. The title would be: “Staying healthy, being Fit”
Subtitle: “How fit you are…. depends on you.”
Dedicated to: My family

4. One food I would want to eat forever and not gain weight will be Yam and
egg sauce.

Super super amazing right? I knew you would love their stories




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