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#5QuestionsWith… Rosemond

So, we are introducing this awesome segment right here on the blog called 5 QUESTIONS WITH…

Here we get to interview someone CoachE’Squad has helped to lose weight significantly and have her answer 5 questions that educates, inspires and encourages us on our weight loss and healthy living goals.

We kick off with the ever-bubbly Rosemond @rossiedarl. She joined me all the way from the UK as an exclusive mom and 1 year later, she is still rocking her body…

1. How the weight gain happen?

So, I was a perfect size 12 pre-pregnancy and still maintained same weight all through my pregnancy journey. Added maybe like 4kg or so from the 8th month, so I was feeling fly with myself! Then after delivery, boom!! Fat came from left, right and Centre! I couldn’t control my food intake even at midnight my mouth was moving!!! I became something else and didn’t know how to STOP myself from blowing up further!!!

2. What triggered your desire to lose weight?

Let’s just say I became scared of looking at the mirror! I was no longer the stylish girl I knew and I hated it! At that point I knew I had to seek for help because it was obvious, I couldn’t help myself!

3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of the journey?

The hardest part of the journey Giving up midnight eating! Eating late at night became a habit and you know how hard it is to break habits. The easiest part of the journey? I will say the journey is quite challenging and tough till you get into the game, build your strength, stop seeing it as a task and make it a lifestyle. Only then will the journey become easy and fun.

4. How are you working on maintaining the weight lost?

By simply adopting workout and eating healthy as a lifestyle.

The good thing is I learnt from the best coach, CoachE’ so even if I put on a bit of weight, I know exactly what to do to make it disappear quickly 😃.

5. Advice for anyone planning to embark on the journey.

Anyone can lose weight. All you need is determination and discipline! Once you can get these vital factors in place, you are good to go. You can’t wish fat away, you have to work to make it disappear!

Thanks girl. So proud of you!!!

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