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6 Mistakes We All tend to make on our Weight Loss Journey

Hey Fam,

It’s D-O-R-I-S, the Online Content Strategist

It’s another exceptional Monday  and today, I’ll be doing a review on the webinar we had with our Squaddies on Thursday morning after our workout!

Woosh Woosh…, *adrenaline pumping* and also thank God for strength.

OK.. Let’s dive in

We talked about six mistakes we make on our Weight loss journey. These Six things are not mentioned in any appropriate order but they are major. Ready?


There are a lot of factors that come into play when loosing weight.

For instance, there are some people who are dealing with fat that they just accumulated due to a life changing event e.g pregnancy, losing a loved one, COVID-19. They most likely will lose that weight faster than those who have logged around excess weight for years.

Personally, I got married November 2013, got pregnant June 2014, and had my first son March 2015.

Prior to that, I was completely slim.

In about 15months, which was from June 2015 to September 2016, I gained about 30kg and in about 4 months, I lost 30kg.

Now here’s the deal, it was easier for me to loose all those weight BECAUSE i didn’t gain from childhood, it was just due to the pregnancy.

You can’t compare that result with someone who has been big for years

I gained my weight really fast and YES, i really killed myself because I desperately wanted to loose weight. I wasn’t tempted by food, I was disciplined with my meal plan to the letter.

Now, I don’t expect the people I coach to have the same result as mine, especially if you’ve been FAT from childhood, it won’t come off that fast.

The beautiful thing about this Journey is that, TIME always evens all of us out. My time may be 6months and your time maybe be 2years but if you stay consistent over time, you results will come.

DON’T feel a need to Compare your journey with another. If you loose just 2kg, celebrate yourself, wins and keep moving.

INSTEAD, be inspired by people’s result, go for knowledge, read good and positive stories of other people’s journey BUT don’t put yourself under PRESSURE. Celebrate your PRIVATE WINS, for some of you, you are sleeping better, you are breathing better, you are consistent with your workouts.

No more joint pain is win win

Not just about weight loss, don’t compare yourself or children, or work, spouse, anything with another person’s life.


A lot of us are very impatient.

We always tend to put ourselves under pressure, especially when we don’t loose weight after the time frame we allotted to ourselves and guess what?  We give up.

It’s just like you trying to breaking a wall and it doesn’t break. You keep breaking but the wall is not coming down, then finally, someone comes and leans on it, It crumbles to the ground.

It wasn’t about the person but it was the effort you’ve been putting which was breaking something at the inside..

DO NOT give up on your beautiful PROCESS. It’s a process don’t rush it.

Just get out of the pressure of trying to show off to people, prove a point, set an unrealistic time line because if you do so and it doesn’t work, you tend to get discouraged, you feel like a failure.

Let this be a ” lifetime” goal, let it be a lifestyle.


As human beings, we overestimate approval, sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously and it can have the same effect.

You must look internally and support yourself and if you know one person that is TRULY on your side and supportive, that’s great but don’t depend totally on the person.

People might say things that might hurt you but in all honesty, they don’t mean bad but you must learn to GUARD YOUR HEART.

For example, someone might see you and say you’ve added but you aware you’ve been consistent and I’ve lost 10 kg but because of what the person said, you get discouraged and begin to feel bad towards that person. No, don’t do it, don’t waste your emotions.

Personally, there are times my kids will say, ” hey mummy, your stomach is so big” Lol but in reality, my stomach is not big but it is soft and due to this, it makes it look like it’s big, especially when I eat or drink water. They don’t actually mean bad.

You should take a lot of encouragement in the fact that you are doing something about your weight. You’re not static. They might not see it now but they will see it later.

Once you have a higher motive, your approval, your ginger and your drive, comes from there.

4.Not having a “Higher Motive”

Let me ask a question

What’s your reason for loosing weight? What’s your WHY for loosing weight?

While you’re thinking about that, I would like to say this: You  are your reason, it’s between you and Jesus

Your motive should be your major approval, just like I mentioned previously. Once you have the right motive, you will be able to push further.

For example, one of my biggest motive has nothing to do with NOW. Instead, I look forward to how I’m going to look at 50, 60, 70 and 80. How the decisions I’m making today, will help me to be a strong 80 year old woman!!!

I’m inspired each time I see 50 years old and above, so strong, vibrant and healthy. Like the Joyce Meyers, Lisa Beveres, Craig Groeschel, the list goes on and they look amazing and strong.

GIRL, these are my motivations. Should Jesus tarry, we are going to get there, we will be strong.

Also, Jennifer Lopez fans, Her body is amazing. She is literally 50 + and she has been consistent!!

Joyce Meyer is my biggest motivation and there is one of her books I love so much – ” Good Health, Good Life“, it gives you a different perspective on how you should approach this journey and also helps you define your “higher why”.

This is also another reason I don’t believe in and support people that feel like they can eat anything and not get fat.

Hello, Wake up

That is literally dangerous. Why?

Because you have no idea the damage you causing on the inside and because you are foolishly ignorant, you don’t bother and boom something happens  e.g Diabetes, high blood pressure e.t.c and you begin to wonder where It came from.

Just because it’s not showing or you’re not getting fat doesn’t give you the right to treat your body like a TRASH.

I’m so thankful that I have a body that shows it when I indulge in “nonsense” and for this, it keeps me on my toes.

Note: High blood pressure is not a function of age but a function of diet.


A lot people tend to make this mistake most of the time.

When i wanted to loose weight, I never thought for once that it would be easy, I thought it would kill me, it would be hard. I thought it would take me a year to loose the weight.

I knew that I needed God, so I would kneel down and ask for help. I paced myself. I believed it was going to be hard, so whenever HARD hit me, I wasn’t surprised.

Some of you see how hard it is and you are surprised. No, you shouldn’t be. It’s hard work and it’s a fight against the flesh. It’s HARD.

Believe that it’s hard, embrace the hard, expect the hard and get ready for the hard.

Then receive divine help. Thinking it’s easy makes you exclude God from the process.

Which is why we have our daily devotionals and weekly fasting and prayers in-squad

If you are struggling, it’s NORMAL but keep moving.

6.Not counting what you BITE

This is one area, we all have been guilty. We think “because it’s my child’s remaining food, it doesn’t count”.


There are so many things that go into your mouth that you don’t count because it’s small, that is not in your meal plan…e.g groundnut

For instance, I had a Squaddie who said she was doing every thing right but not loosing weight. But meanwhile, she was drinking a glass or two of wine every night. She thought it was small but that was a lot of calories because liquid calories count.

So many of us are pretty much like that. Because it’s JUST your baby’s cerelac, or it’s just a handful of groundnut or it’s your husband’s left over, or you’re tasting meat that you are cooking, it doesn’t count.

Well let me burst your bubble, it COUNTS.

For someone who wants to loose weight, your body metabolism is poor first. So whatever you throw into your mouth, stays in your body.

Some food you feel you don’t want to waste, you might need to waste it because YOUR BODY IS NOT A DUSTBIN.

Learn to standardize measurements, so you can avoid wastage. You can also keep some of the leftovers in the fridge too for later.

Be sincere to yourself. You might not be counting it, but your body is keeping an ACCURATE measurement of what you’re eating.

Hmmmn, that was a lot to take in but I’m grateful I had the priviledge of attending the webinar. One out of the points that hit me the most would be “thinking the journey is easy”, I’ve promised myself that I’ll take it one step at a time and also include God in everything.

It’s time to sign out but if you would like to know what’s been happening in the squad, you can click here

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We did a post on it recently and you definitely don’t want to do “waka pass”

Looking forward to having you in the squad. Please send us a message on WhatsApp for more enquiries.

See you soon


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