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An Interview with The Fleximum Coach, and Mom of 4 boys, Idala.

My sister and lover girl Idala is one of God’s gift of friendships to me. She first reached out to me to attend an event she was hosting, and I am so glad she did because that opened the door to this beautiful, healthy, pressure-free relationship we have even though we are in LITERALLY the same kind of business and ministry.

We have done some friendship miles together; from fun trips, to spiritual live and online hang outs, to date day’s haha, to sleepovers. OK, COVID scattered our sleepover plans but really, I do like doing life with Idala.

In this interview, I wanted to get her perspective on rocking out this fitfam life as a busy mom (she has 4 kids), in an affordable way (she is prudent with money yet lives fitfam), and in times when you don’t have all the support at home we need.

Enjoy, and share your thoughts at the end, please…

Question 1: As a busy mom how do you make out time for workouts?

Answer: I work basically with routines, scheduling and domestic help. I have a maid who knows how things should be done in the home and follows through. I had to teach her how to make simple meals like Eba, Plantain etx while I prep major meals like soups and stew ahead then stock away and this helps a lot.

I wake up between 3-4am every day to spend quality time with God and get my workout done before every other person at home wakes up. The kids and my help all know what to do for the day so it’s safe to say that having a plan always and waking up ahead of my family is my super power for making my daily workouts

Question 2: how does another woman who cannot afford to workout that early for one reason or the other make working out achievable?

Answer: my best advice for such a mama will be; first work with what you have in whatever season of your life you are. Then Cut out irrelevances and other things that are not productive in your life but consuming your time. For instance you get back home late from work, what you need do is plan effectively for the next day (get your workout gears laid out), stay off social media and get a good night rest.

Also I will like to say that finding a great community and staying committed to it also helps you get accountable. For example I have a banker friend whose job is very tasking but belongs to the WILD COMMUNITY were we pray by 5am this helps her a lot because she gets straight to workout right after prayers

Question 3: what are your top 3 tips for a beginner fitfam mum going from a lifestyle void of exercise into the fitfam lifestyle?

Answer: number 1 advice will be, do not over think it, start where you are and use what you have. Start with exercises that are familiar and available to you like running up the stairs, playing outdoor with your kids, dancing etx then intensify them and give them more intentionality and structure. Don’t start with Pro workouts or any form of pressure.

Secondly, start working out with what you have in your closet first; don’t wait till when you get professional or designer workout gears. Wear your leggings, tank tops and your padded bras or you can even use a wrapper to hold your breast firmly while you workout, lol
If you don’t have a skipping rope, do imaginary skips. Wear any regular sneakers you already have or buy an affordable second hand one just start where you are.

Question 4: how can one make fitfam affordable and sustainable?

Answer: you see a yoga mat or dumb bells and you begin to tension yourself, you need to know what’s important on this fitfam journey and focus on them. Things like proper hydration, nutrients from the meals you consume and portion control etx

You really do not need a YOGA MAT, workout on your rug! After all the whole essence of the yoga mat is to have a good grip so you don’t slip on the bare floor or tiles and get injured.

To make your fitfam journey affordable focus on the nutrients you need from your meals (balanced diets) and don’t think of any strict restrictive diet.

Invest in whole grain food that is sustainable for you. Buy fruits and vegetables readily available and affordavble in your environment instead of luxirous ones such as kale, celery etx

It’s your cooking style that makes all the difference. You can cook your soups withn little or no oil and increase the Tatashe (red bell peper in those meals to mke it more colourful). Try to cook what the whole family can enjoy to reduce stress and cost.

Question 5: what advice can you give a woman whose spouse is unsupportive of the fitfam lifestyle and also tries to sabotages her journey?

Answer: first you need to take it to God in prayers, ask him for wisdom on what to do.
Try to win him over understanding that it is a journey that needs a process of time.

Educate him including your kids just like I did with my first son who asked why we were not cooking with seasoning cubes and his aunty does. I had to emphasise on the fact that the negative effects of season cubes were much more obvious in older age.

Finally be flexible and patient with your spouse as he comes around. Start with the kids and when he begins to see the positive results he will come around.

You can also convince him to go for a generally body check up at the hospital and ask for the doctor’s professional stand point on the fitfam lifestyle. I’m sure that will help a lot because men are logical beings.


What a beautiful read.
I’m sure we got some things to apply IMMEDIATELY FROM reading this.
I sure did
Thank you for reading. Now let’s get to the fun part, the DOING




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  1. Yaay…. Thanks coach you have always been true to your vision God bless us all and I have never regretted the I met you…..the simplicity and sincerely you use is extraordinary. God will always be with you in Jesus name Amen

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