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Surviving Autophagy… CSL Squaddies speak

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I am so excited to bring you transformation gist from 4 amazing CSL squaddies  including autophagy on their weight loss journey.

what is autophagy?

According to Health line; Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. So the literal meaning of autophagy is “self-eating.” It is also referred to as “self-devouring.” While that may sound like something you never want to happen to your body, it’s actually beneficial to your overall health.

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We’d be doing this in the Q & A format between CSL and the squaddies

Let’s go!


What was your first impression and why did you decide to do it?

My first impression was one of indifference. I really didn’t think much about it, I just assumed you would add back the weight lost when one resumes eating again. Plus I just felt autophagy wasn’t for me. However, I was reading somewhere and saw the word autophagy and decided to read about it. I read and watched videos and was drawn to how beneficial it was to the health, so I decided to give it a try.

How long did you fast and how did you prepare for it?

My first fast was for 60 hours. The major preparation I did was with my mind. I had to let it sink that I’ll be fasting for two days, so I got my mind ready. Then I told those around me that I’ll be fasting. The reason for that is just so I can have someone I’m accountable to, because I knew a time would come when it would hit hard and I might be tempted to break my fast.

What was your experience like and its impact on your life?

Wow, it was such a good experience for me. I suddenly found that I had time in my hands to pray, study the Bible, meditate and generally my mind was just clear, almost as if it was a blank slate. Aside the first evening when I was so hungry, from the 25th hour, the hunger pangs were quiet. I took lots of water, I took a little lemon water, I also reduced the intensity of my workout these two days so I could conserve energy. So rather than my usual skipping, I just took a walk. Generally, I kept my mind occupied positively throughout the fasting, hydrated regularly and reduced physical activity as much as I could.

What are your achievements?

I lost about 2kg. This was such a big deal for me as I had been stuck in a plateau for a while. So it gave my body the shock it needed to move. Besides that, I was able to spend time with God. The first night I had a revelation that is presently coming to pass now, the second night I had another revelation. My spirit was able to pick these things because my body was quiet and out of the way. Thinking about this, I’m due for another autophagy.😁

Another non-scale victory was that I found myself focusing only on things that really mattered. I did not have energy for drama; it made me mind my business.

How did easing back to food feel?

It’s so easy to want to eat a horse when breaking your fast. However, one has to be careful because you may be hurting yourself and cancelling your effort. In my case, I started by taking a cup of smoothie, then I had an apple or pear, then vegetables later. I eased in slowly into food and thus was able to keep most of the weight loss away for good.

 Advice for anyone planning to embark on the autophagy journey?

I would advise anyone planning to do autophagy to properly plan. Prepare your body, mind and spirit. Don’t say because you’re starting autophagy tomorrow, you’ll eat all it out today. When I was preparing for autophagy, I started reducing my portions just to prepare my body. I ate less and less and then just flowed into autophagy; it was easier that way for me. For someone else, you may want to start with intermittent fasting and then flow into autophagy. Then if you have someone supportive around, let them know you are fasting. It would help you be accountable, they would support you and you’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of it when hunger strikes. Also make sure you’re medical fit to embark on a fast, of course make sure you’re not pregnant, if you have ulcer, you may want to reconsider except of course you’re doing it on clear instructions from God. Then lastly, get resources to keep your mind off food.


What was your first impression and why did you decide to do it?

At first when I heard coach E’ talk about it, I said it was not for me but I decided to give it a try. The longest I have done is 26 hours. I decided to do it when I got an intermittent fast app and started tracking how many hours I could go without food.


 How long did you fast and how did you prepare for it?

My longest time was about 26/27 hours. I prepare my body for it with intermittent fasting for a while.


What were your experience like and its impact on your life?

At first I was hungry but after a while as I got used to it, I prayed more and focused myself not on the weight loss but on taking time to commune better with God and the time flew by. I drank lots of water and also focused on my office work.


What were your achievements?

I had Scale and non-scale achievements. My waist size reduced and sometimes I lose 1/1.5kg in a day.


How did easing back to food feel?

I started slowly with 1 banana or 2 which helped to revitalize me. I also took grapes or cold orange juice and gradually ate lots of fruits before easing back into food; a little portion per time.


 Advice for anyone planning to embark on this journey?

Prayerfully make the decision and go for it. Please don’t overdo it though so u don’t start eating everything and gain all the weight back.


What was your first impression and why did you decide to do it?

I’m a terrible sweet tooth; I hate real food but love junk, this led to a weight gain of 36kg in 14 years with 15 of those kgs piled on in 2 months. Over the years I’ve realised that I barely feel hunger. I can honestly go a day without eating just so I can have my shawarma and ice cream for dinner.

So to me fasting seemed like it would be easy. And learning about all the potential health benefits further encouraged me to try it.

However the thing is once you consciously decide to fast your body rebels against you. I started feeling the hunger I didn’t use to feel more through headaches though. After the first week of a 16:8 I had quickly adapted. In fact I jumped to a 20:4 with no hassles. And for 80% of this year that’s how I’ve been eating.

I’ll say my stomach has reduced in terms of how much food I can eat. And seeing as I can only eat within 4 hours this has helped reduce my food intake.

How long did you fast and how did you prepare for it?

I have had longer fasts ranging from 36,44 to 72 hours at least once every year.  I did a 72 hours fast a few months back this year. I didn’t do any conscious preparations really. Ate as usual on a Friday and didn’t eat till Monday evening.

What were your experience like and its impact on your life?

Sunday was the hardest as I had some dizzy spells. I found that a little sea salt in water went a long way. Also I had a cup of tea each day. I tried to avoid having too much tea and drank more of water. Day 3 I exercised and actually met my 1 hour exercise target.

What were your achievements?

I lost 2kg on the scale in those 3 days. But interestingly enough my period came that week and so the bloating added most of the weight back but once my period was over it all went away.

How did easing back to food feel?

I broke my fast with boiled eggs as they are high in protein. I read somewhere that it is important to avoid carbs immediately after a long fast. I then had some green homemade juice. As a result of the fasting I really could not eat a lot. But the next day I went back to my normal eating pattern of 20:4 timing.

Advice for anyone planning to embark on this journey?

I don’t think prolonged fasting (>24 hours) is necessarily an ideal weight loss tool. However it is fantastic for a lot of other health reasons such as cell rejuvenation.

My advice is try a prolonged fast twice a year for other health benefits. But for weight loss a 20.4 fast is fabulous. And to be honest after a while it is easy. It is a way of life for me now (except when on vacations/staycations🙈)


What was your first impression and why did you decide to do it?

I started with Intermittent fasting (16:8) timing which gradually moved to 20:4 and I sustained it for a while. I later moved to 24hours fast which was unintentional because of activities such as school runs and Lagos traffic. Furthermore I started researching further on the health benefits of IF besides weight loss then I stumbled on autophagy and it made a lot of sense.

Also I discovered that it was very good for my health. Autophagy helped to clean and rejuvenate my body system. I used to have migraines but since the last one I did I haven’t suffered any migraines.

How long did you fast and how did you prepare for it?

The first time was for 24 hours and then it grew to 48 and 61 hours. The longest I’ve done is 81 hours. Most times I just go into it without any special preparation but I ensure I eat healthy before I begin.

What were your experience like and its impact on your lifestyle?

My experiences varied and every fast is different for me. Basically I listen to my body but I don’t give in to it. I have done a 48 hours fast that i worked out all through although I was slow but not exhausted. Also I made sure I took a lot of water and green tea to stay hydrated.

What were your achievements?

I have lost about 3kg in the past. I did one where I added but I really don’t know what happened then but I drop weight most times. After the fast I felt this kind of strength, like I food had no control over me. I lost all special craving for food and only ate for strength.

How did easing back to food feel?

Easing back to food was gradual. I usually like to break with grape juice or oranges something liquid and not rush to food. The first time I did 61 hours I rushed to food after breaking with fruits and I regretted it because it just cancelled all the work I initially had done.

Advice for anyone planning to embark on this journey?

Be properly informed before you begin. Do all your research and ask all the questions you possibly can. Know why you are doing it and set a target for yourself. Listen to your body but do not give in to it .

Prepare all the meals you intend to break with before you start the fast and if you are have a family try to avoid cooking during the fast because it can be just pure torture. Don’t over work or stress yourself .conserve your energy and possibly do not work out during the fast.

What an amazing read

Now you KNOW what to expect when you decide to do an AUTOPHAGY

Go ahead and try it today and feel free to feedback on your own experience in the comments section

so insightful, Thanks guys .

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