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CoachE’ TRANSFORMATION GALLERY… REAL life weightloss stories/pictures.


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Here we have AUTHENTIC weight loss pictures of our Clients, who we call SQUADDIES. Integrity is  a watchword at CoachE’Squad so ALL OF THESE pictures are REAL results of ours. We helped them through a HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS meal plan and workouts. NO PILLS OR DRUGS. We also infuse the supernatural and prayers to God cos ONLY HIM CAN HELP US.

We run all our services online via whatsapp and we don’t necessarily have to see our Squaddies.

In fact I am yet to see almost everyone whose picture we used below. We just do solid follow-up and keep people accountable. While we provide support, we need YOU to HELP US HELP YOU.

We provide support and coaching, while YOU DO THE WORK!!!

We can help you too if you holler at us.


09055868614 for calls and whatsapp

Check out our gallery:

Starting with CoachE’ herself.

I moved from 106 to 75kg in like 4months

And there are more…

Oge inspires me

Oh and this working class, BUSY mom below made TIME for herself too

And this sweetheart below…

She was a Nursing mama yet didn’t come to play

Remains one of our BEST SELLERS!!!

And this beauty below remains my FACE OF CoachE’Squad Ltd

There are more ooo. So many success stories at CoachE’Squad Ltd.

Dress size goals. Plus she too is a mom of 2

And the Lawyer above a MOM OF 3 looking HOT!!!

Belly fat got nothing on this Nursing mama too

Another dress size goal. Atilola above KILLED it

We made a FOOL of BELLY FAT…. Haha

Did you know we run surgeries at CoachE’ Squad LTD? Oh! Yes we do, but the surgical tools we make use of are a clean diet and workout….Hehe. So if you are considering a butt lift ‘surgery’ like we did the Squaddie pictured above, you know where to turn.

Body goals mhennnn. This yummy mummy meant business

We don’t joke with Belly Fat at CoachE’ Squad LTD. Just look at tha’

We snatched that waist back.

Oh and my beautiful Mide below

Oh and this was a SPECIAL Squaddie cos she couldn’t workout as she had just dobe a HIP REPLACEMENT surgery, but with a clean diet, she lost 20kg

Post surgery weight loss


Who else noticed the swag difference with Tolu?


There you have it. Plus many more…

We have helped hundreds of women record victories against fat and we will help thousands more record even greater victories, as GOD helps us.

And that’s what we are about at CoachE’Squad LTD, helping women remain FIT to fulfill their GOD given vision

Whatever your fitness goals are, we gotcha at CoachE’Squad LTD.

Please give us a call on 09055868614 or send a whatsApp message to same number, alternatively, you can send us an email on

Thanks for stopping by.

With love


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