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#CoachE’Kids…TWO money & health saving tips for moms


Hey Moms

CoachE’ is here for you today.

First, have you READ a couple of posts here on Child Nutrition?

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I especially LOVE this one on Sausages, and why they belong in the TRASH, and not our precious babies’ tummies

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AND then this one on Store bought fries, aka Irish potato.

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You know, one of the things I am doing recently is checking my WHYssssss. Why do I do what I do?

Am I being led by ancient tradition, popular culture, or the SWEET Holy Spirit?

And this cuts across board – my parenting, diet, friendships, cooking, etx – because sometimes we just go with the flow, AND the danger with the flow is that God is NOT always there.

For example, I USED to use maggi (COME ON JESUS for PAST TENSE, USED, because your girl quit on Maggi and all other MSGs)



And the reason I used maggi was because my mom uses maggi, and we see maggi ads on TV and we have been ENCULTURATED into using maggi.


So when I learn better – shout out to Ezinne of Somre foods who deals in natural spices and teaches you how to kiss MSG and maggi them good bye – by digging into the why, I started to DO BETTER.



SOMRE FOODS 08033703283

So even as we parent, we MUST be very sensitive to the WHYs behind what we do.

We are responsible for these kids and will give an account. We cannot be CASUAL or CULTURE LED as we parent. So I want to pick out TWO things in our kids diet, which I PRACTICE, and give us alternatives (or not)…

Let’s go

1. Spread for Bread

Why do we think we have to use BUTTER, PEANUT BUTTER, JAM, MAYONNAISE, CHOCOLATE SPREAD and the likes for our babies’ bread?


Because we DO NOT!!!

The only reason we think so is because advertising companies and manufacturers have well-curated ads to help us think it is the cool and right thing to do.

But it is not.

They can eat bread LIKE THAT.

They do NOT need a spread.

I used to give some spreads before VERY SPARSELY but then after some time I quit. I was doing it because it felt like the natural thing to do.

Buy bread, then give it with peanut butter or jam or chocolate spread. We were mostly raised that way…


Those things are both body and heart unhealthy.

If they are not packed full or sugars, they are choke-full of fat and cholesterol. And all those plenty hard-to-pronounce additives and preservatives.


And even worse, we are starting a HABIT that our kids will find hard to shake in the future, because we are TRAINING their taste buds to love sugar.

Bread is sweet.


Give them with tea or egg and let them RELAX!!!

The second tip I want to share remains on the breakfast table and that is…


2. Beverages and Teas.

Recently, it dawned on my sweet soul that all these chocolate drinks I am even giving my kids, to what end please?


I mean, I had even put the one I had in a cup and made their tea per usual, when it hit me that I am loading them with sugar, yet I say I hardly sweeten their meals with sugar (we use dates mostly).

So there and then, I decided I would switch to Lipton tea bags.

Did some research just to be sure it was safe for kids, and realized it was, so far I controlled portion as it has caffeine.

So what I do is brew one bag for 3 cups and they get 1 cup each.

The amount of caffeine in that is so minimal. And they drink tea three times a week only.

Then I add milk, let it cool and serve them.

Honestly, I expected some push-back from them and I was ready to bring out all my African Mummy power and INSIST. I figured after 3 weeks, we will be fine.

THE VERY FIRST DAY, my kids drank and FINISHED their tea without a fuss.


I didn’t even OVER PACK the milk ooo. Just normal portions, yet they drank it.

And I didn’t sweeten with dates or sugar. I did that deliberately because I wanted their taste buds to actually be RETRAINED that tea doesn’t have to be that SWEET. Adding dates would have defeated that purpose.

And since then, we have stuck with Lipton and the other beverage I have is still in my cupboard. I give hubs SOMETIMES but even then, I am about to quit and stay with Lipton for everyone.

I must also add that my kids actually would drink my celery juice with me


And all my flavored teas including green tea


They would take sips here and there and would actually swallow it. And if you know celery juice, it is not exactly kid-friendly. Even my husband cannot stomach it.

Anyways, that is it moms.

I know some of these things seem so “ajebutter” and posh, but really it is just advertisers’ and manufacturers making money off you. They know how to get us, but no more, because we are NO MORE IGNORANT!!!

NO BEVERAGE can make a child great at sports.

No BEVERAGE can make a child sharp at school.

NO BEVERAGE can give stronger bones!!!

And one time, I saw this documentary on how much sugar is in one of these popular beverage drinks, and this pretty much cuts across board for them all.

Yet they have the nerve to call it HEALTHY.

And guess what?


Can you imagine how much you can save in a month when you cut out sausages completely, buy and cut your own potatoes, eliminate every kind of spread for bread, and cancel all beverages?

Then you can take that EXTRA 10K or more and SAVE IT FOR THEM!!!

Abeg moms, let’s do BETTER for our kids.

Let us CHOOSE better

Let us SET THEM UP for future success in their physical bodies – inside and outside.

And yes it will cost you time, but that really is not wasted time BUT INVESTED TIME.

Our precious babies ARE WORTH IT.

Child obesity is real

Ditto Type 2 diabetes.

It is NOT the ajebo thing to feed them all these CRAP, you are actually taking life away from them GRADUALLY

So cheers to moms who NOW know better, and WILL DO BETTER… Because your ignorance is no longer excusable


God overlooks it as long as you don’t know any better—but that time is past. The unknown is now known, and he’s calling for a radical life-change

Acts 17: 30

Ok, your turn. Are there any mommy swaps you have made in your kids diet and lifestyle that has won on every level?

Please share and let’s learn.

Also if there is something you would be applying from this post, let me know too

Love and Light




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6 thoughts on “#CoachE’Kids…TWO money & health saving tips for moms”

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  2. Haa timely post, I’m so trying the Lipton tea idea. My kids don’t do spreads and cereals, they don’t do much choco beverage maybe twice a week and they use only for bread, they don’t like taking it alone. They love soaking bread in the choco beverage😂 bush people 😂 my mum introduced that to them. I want to stop that with them before they will go and disgrace somebody out there. ☺ Any idea on how to stop?

  3. This table is shattered! Elimination of milo? You are saying all these things we buy for our kids, that we actually gather money for, they can live without it? If not because I am fighting fat, bread and butter is a regular for me, how much more the kids. This is eye-opening

  4. Am so trying this Lipton idea ,I know my second child will be able to stomach it she fights for my detox water all day and and I use to disagree ( see me ) this will really save me some cash .Thanks so much For this eye opener

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