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CoachE’s FORTIFIED Noodles… A Recipe

Fortified Noodles: A recipe

When I think of my relationship with noodles about 2 years ago, I believe even more in the miracle working power of Christ. Noodles was my BEST meal. I could eat it twice aa day every day. After I had my first son, they asked what I wanted to eat (cos I was HUNGRY) and I said Noodles and egg.

But when I started my first weight loss journey, I didn’t just want to lose weight, I also wanted to lose my hold on habits that had a hold on me.

Drinks were one and noodles were another. Let’s focus on Noodles.

I approached it not with a restriction or portion control mentality, but a total obliteration from my diet. It had too much of a hold so I knew I would fall if I decided to merely reduce to once a week. It was HARD. I would make for my son (he doesn’t eat it anymore) and I would be smelling but not taste it. The plan was 3 months but I must have taken it to a year. By the time I was going to have Noodles, I realized the taste and desire was gone. Of course God helped me too.

Plus, I had checked out the calorie and nutritional content and for something totally empty nutrition wise, it sure was packing calories. 1 small pack (at the time) was 500 calories (now they have made it smaller so it is about 400 calories). To put this in context, a cup of Jollof rice is 300 calories and 1 cup of oats is about 350 calories. Noodles is a simple carbohydrate that has been processed to NOTHINGNESS. I mean it is empty. Nutritionally poor and calorie dense. This just made me lose love and taste for it a bit easier. Plus is was packing so many chemicals and the likes abeg. Then the simple nature means the body breaks it down quickly, it slows down your metabolism and then you get hungry again faster. Triple whammy.

Today, Noodles has NO POWER over me. Infact, just hubby and my help eat it in this home. I stopped my first son and never introduced my second to it. But every once in a while, I would have Noodles BUT it has to be fortified.

So, let’s see my recipes for CoachE’s FORTIFIED Noodles

A: With mixed veggies

First, all you need is a pack. Then you go grab as many veggies as possible… I would typically do carrots, peppers (green, yellow, red, orange, gbogbo e), onions, cabbage (I make sure to cut small or grate), Spring onions, peas and green beans. May or may not add sweet corn. I add these veggies almost at the end of my cooking process so it doesn’t get to cook for more than a minute and so maintains all the Nutrients which the Noodles is empty of.

I also cook with chicken/fish broth (the water used to make fish), and then I don’t have to use all or even any of the Noodles spice. If you want a peppersoup flavor, you can use your peppersoup water instead. Gives it such a beautiful twist to taste. All the vitamins and micronutrients the veggies are bringing takes the noodles from empty to fortified

B. With potato and boiled egg

I hardly do this one but if I am feeding noodles to my kids, especially a baby (which I don’t), then I would have to fortify with Irish/Sweet potato and then boiled egg or fish. I would mash it all in and then feed the child. That super complex carb and then the complete amino acid that egg provides as the protein or the Omega 3 your oily fish is bringing to the table makes it super fortified for both adults and kids.

Another important thing for weight watchers is that with both recipes, you are not just nourished but full so you don’t feel like you are starving or deprived.

So, don’t just eat Noodles sis, and don’t just give your kids Noodles, serve FORTIFIED Noodles.

Do you have any other recipes? Share with me biko

Here’s to healthier women and families


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