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Gaining & Losing my 5kg holiday weight… #CoachE’Diaries

Happy happy new year Fit-Squad

Oh what a beautiful year this is for us all.

Not just year, DECADE

This is that decade we get our healthy living game together.
The decade we shut down the devil’s lies at HELLO and speak the word of God over our life in general and health in particular.
This is the year we dont just work out, but LOVE to work out and are COMMITTED to it.

The year we love our fruits, veggies, drink our water and embrace food discipline as a lifestyle.
Are you here for it?
Cos I am absolutely HERE FOR IT and I am also here to help you.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.You are the READY student, I am the READY teacher.
Let’s do this.

I will be more vulnerable and open as I educate and then share from my own life and healthy living journey.
So we are kicking off with this series on gaining and then LOSING 5kg holiday weight.

You know, like play like play, I was saying I would gain 5kg this holiday. You see, I had been on an eternity fast lol so once I ended my retreat, I wanted to just eat.
But frankly, I dont think my goal was going to happen without external help because the structures around my life make it hard for me to be undisciplined consistently enough to gain 5kg.
Plus I’m a ijebu. I dont spend anyhow.
So when my sister sent me a whole bucket of the baddest chinchin in Lagos, complete with its tendency to addiction, I knew my 5kg weight gain was now a possibility

I am not going to lie, I ate this chinchin till my mouth got sore and a toothache ensued.

And frankly, it was just the chinchin. I got on the scale on Sunday, January 5, and I weighed 80.5kg

I weighed about 75kg before the holidays. I dunno if you would notice I was 5kg heavier but I know my body so scale aside, I had non scale clues…

First, my bum. It suddenly starts to flap when I run lol.

That started happening.

Secondly, my dresses, especially those I sewed. All my cloths are made in such a way that I should neither eat, not breath.

Eziaha’s orders lol.

Once I gain any thing extra, zips burst open. Lol.

No zip burst open but I think my intestines almost congealed from how tight some dresses became.

Example, this green beauty.Third, I’m more tired.

My body doesn’t do well with junk. I didnt mind a lil tiredness cos I was also on holiday mostly so I could sleep a little more.

So yes, 5kg holiday weight

Good thing was I was starting a fast on the same Sunday with the WILD WOMEN and we were kicking off with a 3 day fruit fast.

My spirit man is definitely going to be the biggest gainer from the fast, but my physical body will definitely be a loser from it.

Almost like the LOSE TO GAIN program we have

I’ll Chronicle here my journey to losing that extra 5kg.

The goal is not to copy me. Or replicate my results Or be under pressure

My case is different. My body metabolism, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, is great so I’ll lose weight faster than most.

My body also has a lot of muscles and this means that I burn calories faster than most people who have bodies full of fat and less muscles.

So that’s why the extra 5kg will go in maybe 2 weeks or less…

That’s a major benefit of eating healthy most of the time. Your body, even when you have gained weight over a short period of time, like holidays or vacations, you can lose it faster than someone dealing with years and months of fat.

That’s also why we dont compare or pressurise ourselves. Just commit to doing what is right over and over again, until it becomes a lifestyle.

Your goal weight, without you chasing it, will come. Oh it will.

This 2020, we will be WISER on this journey. And of course, dont leave the spiritual behind. Take Jesus and His help along and hello HEALTHY!!!

Ok so I’ll update as I have gist.

Sunday, January 5, was day 1

Had fruits all day and water and green tea.

Unripe pawpaw, oranges, pineapple, apple and English pear.

Got really weak sometime in the evening but after we prayed at 6, I was strengthened.

By Monday morning, I woke up and worked out yay

Did 10mins walk at home with Leslie Sansone but I used dumb bells for mine.

Cant do anything more stressful cos of my food intake, especially cos my life is also busy so it’s not like I can afford to lie down all day.

What this means is I have to keep my workouts on a lowkey

Monday, Jan 6 was day 2 and I went for WAFBEC where I had a fruit juice, then came home and had a smoothie

I’ll update with what I eat as the days go by and share anything else on my next blog

I hope we have all reset after the holiday?

For those on my squads which resumes Jan 12, dont wait until then to reset. The longer you delay, the harder it gets, so let this be your wake up call and voice of reason.

Today, when you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts… Heb 3 v 15


Shout out to those who kept hearing my voice even as they were eating the holiday food lol

And if you want to join us, come through already let’s help you reset

Whether fasting or not, nursing mom or not, pregnant or not, if weight loss and healthy living is your goal please come through

WhatsApp 09055868614


I know quite a few of us are afraid to step on the scale but please do abeg…

Step on that scale and face your fears.

Then let’s do something about it

Talk soon



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