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Glowing Skin? 3 tips to help

Glowing skin that truly stems from a clean system within?

Keep reading. I gotcha



Hey everyone,

I pray this blog makes you smile and glow, literally.

So, one thing I am really thankful for is a really healthy, glowing skin. Took me a while to receive that compliment from people, but thankfully, now I not only receive it, but I wanna share the not-so-secrets with my #JesusGirlsFitness fam.



First, a major disclaimer.


Glowing skin, which is really about a healthy internal system that manifests on your skin, is a combination of several factors (I once heard Naomi Campbell say she doesn’t sleep with air conditioning because it wrinkles the skin faster), some within your sphere of control, and others, not so much.


I am focusing here on those factors that you can control, and I honestly don’t think you can isolate one and expect results. However, I believe in baby steps to a lifestyle change, so if you are looking for your first, or next step, then this blog should help.


Also, this is a very personal opinion, but I don’t believe in topical skin care products for healthy glowing skin. They probably WORK BUT I just don’t believe in them, so I don’t use. Note that I don’t have a problem skin either, I hardly wear makeup except for purpose, and I certainly don’t use “fragranced” anything on my skin, save for perfumes and body sprays sparingly.


My daily body cream would be a combination of coconut oil, and shea butter, both locally known as adiagbon and ori. Used it for maybe 15years now.


I am giving all these background info, so you have context and not expect magic, then get disappointed and then give up completely.


As a health and fitness enthusiast, I believe that glowing skin is from within.., my diet and lifestyle, so that is what I would be focusing on today. I will be sharing from my own personal routine, which obviously is not exhaustive as there are more things that can help with glowing skin, which I have not tried, so cannot endorse.


Shall we?



Oh, we need to be drinking more and more water. Like just good ol’ plain water as a foundation for hydration, before jumping into other fancy hydration arsenals (I blogged about a few here).


I mean, just wake up and drink water, then keep that water going until the end of the day, at which time you also drink more water. A lot of info online says to drink 3L a day, but honestly, I would say drink 4 to 5L a day instead.


Next to water would be extremely hydrating fruits, like oranges, cucumbers and watermelon. I particularly love those as they are easily accessible and affordable in Nigeria when in season. I would say find a way to take such fruits all week, and if possible daily.



Of course, this means letting go of all the nonsense fizzy, sugary, and dehydrating drinks.


Next to those would be fruit juices, the natural ones you made by yourself at home using a juicer or blender and mesh cloth.



My absolute top two for glowing skin would be carrot juice and celery juice, and to both, I always add cucumber.


I call it my green juice and orange juice



There are many recipes online, but usually, this is what I do


2 cups of Carrots, half a Lemon and half a big Cucumber. I use a juicer but before I got one, I would blend carrots and cucumber with very little water (the cucumber has plenty water so use as base), then strain with a mesh cloth, then squeeze lemon in, or I could cut skin and back off lemon, de-seed and blend too, then strain all.


This should give about half a litre and that is all I need for the day.


For celery, first I use the local celery so it is affordable. Same recipe as carrot juice above, but I may add half an apple too.



To both, I also add some ginger too, just about half the length of my first finger.


I especially love to add cucumber to both because

  1. Celery has a really sharp taste so it dilutes it for me without compromising the goodness
  2. Carrot juice is annoyingly sweet, so it also dilutes it for me.


I am willing to explore other juice options and recently I started to use our local Ugwu and Shoko in the same way I make the orange and green juice above, and I actually like it.



I use my juicer for it as it squeezes out literally 90% of the juice from the leaves, which is really why I got a masticating juicer as opposed to the centrifugal one I had before.




I got mine on Amazon here if you would like to buy. I recommend




Again, feel free to experiment with juices using any fruit and green leafy veggies of choice. The benefits to the entire body system in general, and skin in particular is AMAZING.


Remember to take your fresh juices BEST on an empty tummy, which is why taking it on waking is beautiful, or give at least 2 hours after your last meal, and wait anything from 1-2 hours after taking it to eat another meal, so that it can hit all the right places without any ‘digestion interruptions’ that happens when you eat right after. Even waiting 30mins is fine.




This one is GOLD because as you sweat while working out, you literally DETOX your body. I am not talking taking those 15mins casual walks around your compound ooo. Nope, I am talking heart pumping, sweat blasting cardio exercises, for at least 30mins, 5 times a week.



So run, dance, use a treadmill, find cardio workouts on YouTube, or join a gym for aerobics, but by all means, get sweaty, and detoxing.


Without adding, you should know that an overall clean diet, high on raw foods, fruits and vegetables does more for your system than any juice, exercise or fancy creams will do, so eat more fruits, green leafy vegetables, and foods that look like they did when they came from the farm, soil or tree, and less foods that passed through the factory and machines.


Ok, I really do hope this helps.


Recall I am sharing my own personal (some anecdotal) experiences and wins, and it is OK if you don’t agree with some things I said.


I am sure other readers (plus me) would love to hear any glowing skin hacks you personally use and enjoy in the comments so share and let’s glow together


Glowing Cheers





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7 thoughts on “Glowing Skin? 3 tips to help”

  1. Hahahah nice one coach..
    Seriously I have been eyeing your skin recently..”So good”….It just reallly feels really good to know that we don’t have to spend thousands on creams and soaps to glow really…Bitter leaf juice and carrot juice works really well for me…As soon as i drop, im going on this your superb skin care routine😀😀😀…Cheers to glowing like mama!!!

  2. Emuh Chidimma

    I like your glowing skin.Please what do you think about buying perfumed Shea-butter creams.
    I feel the pure shea butter has an unpleasant smell,how do you neutralise the effect of the smell.Will body spray and perfume help neutralise the smell?

    1. Thank you! Well I’ve used Sheabutter for over 18years now and the smell has never been a problem to me. The smell is not that bad, I think it’s just conditioning. I will not advise the lightly perfumed ones. I would advise you use it like that and over time, you get used to it OR you just use your body spray or perfume afterwards.

  3. Hi, will lightly cooked (sautées) green leafy vegetables be effective? I would rather chew than drink them if possible.

    1. Of course you can lightly sautée them but you get the best out of them when you eat them raw. When you cook, please don’t over cook.

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