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Halak Palal, the BIGGEST VIRTUAL Fitness & Prayer walk

Hey Fit-Squad,

I’m super excited to launch a WHOLE NEW program at CoachE’Squad Ltd.

I’m DOUBLE excited BECAUSE I get to combine TWO passions of mine on this one… Jesus&Fitness

I’m TRIPLE excited because hey, I am a PEOPLE person and so put me in a group and I’m happy as a CLOWN (except when I want to be alone which can be 51% of the time haha).

But give me a group of Jesus Girls doing Kingdom AND fitness?


Uhmmmmmmm YAAAAAAS please.

Which is why I am QUADRUPLE excited that I GET to lead 100s of us in a fitness walk with God, literally.

A prayer walk.

Say hello to our latest baby at CSL’s #JesusGirlsFitness

(And yes, it had to be Hebrew haha)



Which literally means, LITERALLY

Walk And Pray


I’m smart oooo, BUT I can’t think these things up…




GAN-RAVEH… CoachE’s Well watered DETOX Garden



And now Halak Palal

Honestly, I’m just enjoying my Jesus time AND He literally downloads and I’m like



Halak Palal came at my last retreat just before my birthday


Somehow I found my Word Study Bible open to a page that had Halak and I felt Jesus telling me to zone in, so I left the other study I was doing to Zone in

Only to realise that in the verses I was checking out, they referred to a LITERAL walk

Gen 5 v 24

…and Enoch WALKED with God…

Gen 6 v 9
…and Noah WALKED with God…

Both translate to HALAK in Hebrew and mean to go, to travel, an act of motion



So the idea started to first form a haze then crystallized

I settled for HALAK, a fitness walk with God, but hadn’t given my graphic artist the brief for the creative

When like 3 days later, I’m just on my own and again, my Bible suddenly highlights another term PALAL which means to pray AND the HS says, that’s it


Walk & Pray

Wow wow wow.

I KNEW that was it.

So boom, I spent time fine tuning the idea.

Created the flier

Prayed over it alone and with my team



Then here we are, going public with it.

I really don’t know how to pray for more than 10mins… or 15mins, or whatever…., well Halak Palal will help

I don’t like to workout. No time. No ginger. No energy. Well, Halak Palal will help

All you need do is SHOW UP on Zoom every Sunday at 6.30am and we will WALK and PRAY together

Nothing gingers prayers like doing it with others

You would be able to see and hear others praying too as we all walk and you can tarry in prayers too.

There won’t be any general prayer point BUT I or any member of my team will be happy to round it up at the end. You just come with your headphones and prayers and HALAK PALAL…

Walk and Pray

You can join in at anytime within the 1 hour but we will start at 6.30 and end at 7.30am

This WILL happen every Sunday until Jesus says to stop EVEN IF IT RAINS

If you can’t walk under the rain, walk around your home, please.

Good thing is the sun will not smite us because we will be in before the fullness of sun is out.

I chose sundays because that’s a great way to start your week and just before most of us jump into church online and your day gets busy.

When churches open, WE WILL STILL BE HERE


Thankfully, we can go for services at various timings.

International clients on another time zone, join if you can. If not, I hope we can have something for my abroadians lol. In the meantime, Halak Palal with a friend


So what do you need?

Your phone and the Zoom App

Headphones if you like

Then REGISTER here as that’s how I’ll email or send a WhatsApp of the Zoom link for all every Sunday morning

Now, don’t walk alone… Grab your friends and let’s make this the biggest VIRTUAL Fitness and Prayer walk ever

See why I’m super excited!!!!

Such an awesome way to get chicks PRAYING and EXERCISING

I also wanna encourage you to keep your audio on so we can be encouraged as we hear each other

And guess what too?

We WILL HEAR GOD as we walk

We will have encounters

People who have never prayed in tongues will receive the GIFT of the Holy Spirit and BURST out in tongues



Revival will happen, COME ON💃💃💃

Angels will minister to us in that open heaven walk

I recall seeing this image one time and I used to post it a lot because I believe it…

It said something like Angels speak to a man when he walks.

I love it. Would have posted but I’ve lost it.

God used to stroll with man around the garden and gist, which was why God was like “where are you…?”

A lot of my amazing ideas come when I walk. This morning now, on my walk, I got an instruction on something that has been causing me concern, and wham peace came.


Halak Palal will be a MOVEMENT literally and will wake up anyone ASLEEP both to prayers and fitness. Who knows if God has more days for us to add, BUT for now, we do sundays

It will also give us boldness in prayers. Walking and praying can make some shy but knowing that you are a part of a virtual movement and HEARING ourselves will encourage us all.

Also stamina. I mean, some of us do 10min prayers, but with squad ginger, you can go one hour yay.

Super excited about HALAK PALAL

Let’s do this

Start to register here

Please note that I’m not speaking about fitness, sharing Nutrition plans or workouts, etx. Just a virtual meeting room where we can halak palal….

I have other fitness programs for that, please

Our second half of the year FAT LOSS program… HARPAZO!!!

And this is not just a weight loss program, I want everyone to have an EXPERIENCE while being HARPAZO’ed from fat.


and Gan-Raveh



GAN-RAVEH… CoachE’s Well watered DETOX Garden

Or email and/or WhatsApp


We kick off Sunday, July 12, 2020 and every Sunday after then until I get another instruction on it.

I’ll have a group of sisters powering it with me, but I’ll surely be there halak palal-ing with you.

Super excited to see you THIS SUNDAY

Register so you get the link oooo

And join in on time so the “virtual walking room” doesn’t hit capacity without you.

Your fave #JesusGirlsFitness Coach

Eziaha (CoachE’)


Aside from this blog that I run for fitness related topics, I run two other blogs; for God’s domestic queen where I share my journey as a wife and mom, productivity tips, and all the resources you need to rock out your season! a faith-based where I blog about faith, friendship and mentoring.

And we infact just published a time based blog about the new opening in the wild women community, a community where myself and a group of amazing ladies pray, study the word, share all things Jesus and generally vibe on a Jesus level. It’s like a Jesus party, especially at our once a week midnight prayers together over the Zoom App

Check out the post linked before to learn more


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