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Healthy Living/Weight loss and your period

The appearance of my period is always a happy time for me cos once again, I am not pregnant.


This morning, I am EXCITED and then I thought about how Ms Flo is affected by your fitness journey. This will have some personal stories too.

First and the biggest change for me when I cleaned up my diet was dysmenorrhea disappeared. That is painful menstrual cramps.

Oh, the first 24 hours or more of my period were hell for me. There were times I would throw up till I was retching with nothing left but my intestines. Ah, but right after my period returned post-delivery, I had already become QUEEN FITFAM and I was JAW DROPPED GOBSMACKED when I felt no pain.

You know how you are used to something and are really expecting it? Phew. Period came and went and I didn’t feel a thing.
Hat had a huge impact as sugar exacerbates cramping. Plus, a clean diet just makes everything work on the inside.

Also working out as a lifestyle has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and that’s just so amazing.

Something else I noticed was the quantity and quality of my expelled blood. I used to flow for 36hours only (and I loved it lol). After 36hours, I could get by with liners cos only light spotting. Plus, my blood quality was just poor. Now, I flow for 3 days (I am not loving it haha), but my blood feels more alive. I don’t know if this is directly fitfam related but that is my story…

Something else that happens especially if you are on a weight loss journey is bloating which impacts on the scale. So, you may have done everything right per eating clean and working out and then you see anything from 1kg to 4kg increase in the scale, plus big tummy too, esp the lower part. It is thanks to Ms. Flo.

(But make sure you truly did everything right ooo cos some people ascribe their weight gain to period meanwhile it is mindless eating. Some foods esp encourage a bloat)

Don’t worry though, just stay on your grind. As your period goes, the bloating goes down and the scale too, and belly. Doesn’t happen to me though. Or I just really really control my body with my diet, but this is real for some people…

Another thing that is real for some is a voracious appetite. Gosh. You want to eat and eat and eat. Let me just scatter that table you are currently eating on… Yes, the pre-menstrual hormones can be REAL but YOU have power over it. Infact, it is NOT that powerful. If you have a problem with indiscipline, admit it and don’t ascribe it to hormones please. Fight that urge with these powerful steps I share here

And then you don’t even have to indulge it with junk. Eat apples, whole grains and salads. Since it is an urge to eat, EAT RIGHT and in the right portions.

Sisters, you must be disciplined AT ALL TIMES…

That is what the Bible says in 1Peter 5 v 8, so YES, YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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