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Hiring a Coach? 3 things to STRONGLY note.

This morning, I thought of what I wanted to start the week with on my blog, and the Holy Spirit whispered this exact topic to me and told me to explain it using my own life story.

Even though I come at it from a FITNESS COACH angle, I believe it applies to every area of our lives where we need a Coach to guide us through

First, in general terms, who is a Coach? In my own words,

A Coach is one who has gone ahead of you and can help shorten your own journey to your destination. So, if you were going to get there with the speed of a camel on your own, the right Coach can get you there with the speed of a jet.

So what kinda qualities are you looking for in this JET-SPEED kinda Coach?


Both for me go hand in hand. I want you to KNOW but I also want you to have BEEN THERE. I wouldn’t entrust myself to someone who is sharing JUST book knowledge with me. I want someone who has some practical understanding of what she is teaching me. And you actually have to be discerning to know this, because a lot of people these days just basically COPY and PASTE and then put some aesthetics to it, but when you look deeply, you realize that what they have is STRAW and not GOLD, Go for a Coach with GOLD!!!


The Bible says that we must speak the TRUTH IN LOVE (Eph 4 v 15), but I fear that we are fast becoming people who in a desperate attempt to be liked by a world that wants to hear what will always appeal to their itchy ears, we are throwing away the truth and speaking only what we call LOVE. We fear that any attempt at truth will be called JUDGING. We want people to like us so we endorse what they do, and then give terminologies that appeal to them. So instead of telling someone that she has a FOOD DISCIPLINE problem which she has to deal with if she will GET IN SHAPE, we wanna give her slim teas and belts and pills to help her lose weight, while also telling her that she doesn’t have to work out or go on a diet. How sad!!! Ironically, our lies, cloaked in care, are actually killing people, because the TRUTH is what sets FREE. A good Coach LOVES YOU ENOUGH to SPEAK THE TRUTH TO YOU!!! And you have to be MATURE enough to receive it.

My weight loss from 106kg to 76kg started with me SPEAKING and RECEIVING the TRUTH over my life. I had to tell myself that my 106kg was no longer because I had a baby or was breastfeeding, it was INDISCIPLINE, and my receiving and acting on that truth helped me lose weight AND eventually start up this CRAZY AMAZING BLESSED Company, CoachE’Squad Ltd.

I really love this Scripture…

For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear… 2 Tim 4 v 3


Yes, we are here for encouragers, and cheerleaders. I love it when I am encouraged on my grind by my Coach, but I also want my coach to INSTRUCT me, and for me INSTRUCTION includes guidance, correction, calling out, and scolding if need be. Not only to be telling me YES YOU CAN DO IT, without pointing out to me where I have messed up or giving LESS than my best. So, while I ENCOURAGE my Squaddies (my term for the ladies I get to coach on their weight loss journey), I also INSTRUCT when need arises.

That is what the Word of God also does to us I believe

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,.. 2Tim 3 v 16.

With my coaching, I try to practice these things. As I seek mentors and teachers and coaches in every area of my life, I look out for these qualities too.

I am NOT here for SUGAR and MILK. I am here for MEAT!!!

Hey, so I challenge you today to GROW UP and GIFT YOURSELF a GOOD COACH and WORK HARD to unveil a better you.

I pray that you a DISCERNING enough as you HIRE COACHES in every area of your life, and are MATURE enough to put in the work required for your own GROWTH AND TRANSFORMATION

God bless you and have a BLESSED week ahead

Love & Light




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