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Ihuoma shares her story with Dairy of a Fat Nigerian Girl

Last week, One of squaddie in whom I am well pleased, Ihuoma was invited to speak to the squaddies of Dairy of a Fat Nigerian Girl (DFNG) in a bid to motivate them.

Here are points from Ihuoma’s story. We’d be doing this in exactly the Q & A format btw DFNG squaddies and Ihuoma.

Let’s dive in!

Ihuoma: Good evening ladies. Happy to be here. My name is Ihuoma

DFNG Squaddie: Welcome Ihuoma! We are excited to have you here!

Ihuoma: Thank you! First, I’d like to commend and encourage you on your journey so far.

I can say I perfectly understand how this whole exercise must have been. For some people, it might have been a struggle or for some others, maybe easy.

Well done to you all!

You can ask me questions that bothers you as far as weight loss is concerned.

DFNG Squaddie : How do you prevent fluctuations on the scale? Sometimes even as high as 1.5kg in a day.

Ihuoma: the thing is you have to check yourself VERY WELL and AUDIT YOUR MEALS…

Check your portions

Check calories

Check your daily activities…

If you are eating the right portion without CHEATING, and exercising as you should,then you don’t have anything to worry about.


DFNG Squaddie: Thanks for the previous answer. How do you have a healthy relationship with food though cause I think this is key for sustainability

Also I want to eat without being scared of food. Is weight loss possible if everything is eaten in moderation?

Ihuoma: It really depends on what you are eating. Take me for example,I have lost 30kg and counting.

When I realised that processed food were my problem…..I CUT THEM ALL OUT.

Shawarma, there is cream in it., so CHECK

Hollandia yogurt, its processed, CHECK

Pasta… It’s processed, CHECK

Noodles…It’s processed, CHECK



Fried foods, CHECK

White bread and rice, CHECK

and the list is endless…

There a few exceptions;

If I resolved to eating rice (IF I MUST), I do with green vegetables or salad..

For garri, I have replaced with oat… I blend the oat and use it for swallow… that works too..etc

So I have made the necessary modifications… and that is where I am.


This was January…. and I have lost an extra 10kg since then

DFNG Squaddie : Oh wow! Well done Ihuoma!

I have a peculiar challenge, when it comes to dieting. My weakness is bread, but I can’t decide not to stock it as every other person in the house eats it. My kids especially love bread

Ihuoma: Everyone eats bread…hmmm

Change is difficult but you have to work on yourself first, then you gradually start to replace certain things in your home. It takes time, but it works.

I have a few friends loosing weight too with kids. Her kids wants to eat what mummy is eating… So, that’s a win.

And with kids, you can start to teach them the correct things before their tastebuds mature

My weakness was NOODLES, so even when I saw it on my nutrition plan, I are something else till I was strong enough to withstand the temptation.

I used to eat it EVERY SINGLE DAY..

But now, my typical noodles always have vegetables or salad it and not more than 100g of noodles…

More importantly, I can stay for weeks without eating noodles 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

DFNG Squaddie:Hmmmm. This won’t be easy o😭. What can I substitute for bread? Cause I feel drastically cutting it off will make me fall back

Ihuoma: You can do wheat bread

DFNG Squaddie : Ewwww, the taste is 🤮 ,better I don’t even eat bread at all.

Ihuoma: It’s all about your willpower and resolution. You have to start by retraining your tastebuds. LESSON NUMBER 1.

Let me tell you something,

One day, someone who picks me up, to and fro work said that I was spoiling the shock absorber of his car😭😭. I felt so insulted! I was weighing 110kg at the time.

Another person saw me, he was supposed to give me a lift but had to contemplate because he didn’t want me to also spoil his shock absorber and he actually said it out loud.


I just knew then that it was time to do something about my weight


DFNG Squaddie: Wow. Touching.

Here is my question. What do you think about slimming teas?

Ihuoma: Personally, I don’t think they work because I tried them, I tried tablets too, NOTHING WORKED.

There’s no short cut in this thing. That’s my conclusion

And please always think about your LIVER…there are lots of things on the market that’s not safe, producers are just trying to feed on other people’s vulnerability.

So I strongly advise against short-cuts, because they sometimes backfire.

And remember we are all growing older. So it is safest to start a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthy, exercise at least 3 times a week, you will thank yourself later in the future

DFNG Squaddie: What is your take on some keto diet foods, like almond bread, keto puff puff etc

Ihuoma: If you are doing keto, stick to keto, but there lots of restrictions with keto diet. My friend does keto, I can’t even keep up🥵🥵

DFNG Squaddie: But are they healthier options to all of this foods that we like?.. If there are, please you recommend? Like rice for example and cake

Ihuoma: Hmmm. Leave them white rice alone ooo, they really don’t help this ministry. Try brown rice or wholegrain rice.

If you insist on white rice though, use a measuring cup. PORTION CONTROL is king. 1 cup of rice WITH lots of green vegetables (ugu, spinach, lettuce etc) or salad.

Cake and pastries ❌❌❌ , they can’t help this ministry AT ALL. They contain ingredients that are anti weight loss.

Pray to overcome this sort of temptation.

Truth is, I have been there too but I knew when it was time for me to grow up.

I am not moved by any food again, God has been my strength and I thank him for his faithfulness…

Its been 7 months and counting, I haven’t had coke or fanta or Hollandia yogurt which used to be my favourite


Because Liquid calories count!

And really,I have saved more… all my pizza, Icecream and chocolate money… I have saved it. So it’s a win-win for me. I have more savings, I am healthier, fit and stronger 🏋🏽‍♀🏋🏽‍♀🏋🏽‍♀

DFNG Squaddie: WOW, That was so good. Thank you Ihuoma.

This is me, when I fail, I beat myself up and then binge on rubbish for some days before I pick up again. It’s exhausting. What can I do?


Consistency and discipline is important.

We fall, we rise… we don’t stay down. You don’t stay strong 💪🏻💪🏻

If I can loose weight, then you all can!

Behavioural change is hard,but be determined to do it.

Don’t quit

Don’t fret

Be strong

Be conscious

Be consistent

Be prayerful

Do it for yourself, no one else

Stay healthy and stay strong 💪🏻💪🏻…

DFNG Squaddie: Thank you so much Ihuoma for your time. I appreciate all the answers and notes are taken.

My take home is: Last last I’m the only one that can help myself and there’s no short cut. What I eat even in secret will be revealed in the open. 😄

Ihuoma; Yes ooo. Thank you for having me and good luck with on your weight loss journey. I hope we get to hear your success stories soon

Squaddies : Thank you so much for your time. God bless you!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

The end!!!

Real DROP MIC moment, well done Ihuoma!!!

Super Proud of You!

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