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It’s Day 4 of my #10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge and your girl is BORED… (and grateful)

Hey Fam,

Ok I am BORED.

Like real bored.

I feel like I have already conquered everything I thought would hinder my journey.

You see, I love a great challenge. I love to PUSH myself and live on the fringes of life.

So, this LOSE 10KG IN 6WEEKS was supposed to be challenging. I gave myself 6 weeks to lose 10kg and go back to what I looked like.

The challenge was even heightened when I gave someone my biz card which has my picture and she said… ‘This doesn’t look like me’ cos I was definitely bigger…

And when my sister saw me after a while and asked why I was adding weight and if I was having trouble watching my diets lol.
I thought those were major fuel to my desire to lose the weight and lose it fast so when the time was right and the scales showed me an added 10kg, I then started the challenge to lose it.

I feared the journey will be hard so I gave myself a high target. A target I never give anyone I coach… (except those who need to fit into a wedding gown FAST lol, or have a health challenge that weight loss fast would help correct). I had neither so all the pressure had to be manufactured, but I was up to it

I am now in my 4th week, unsure how many kg I have lost on the scale (faulty scale), but with over 5 inches lost from my waist line and about the same from my hips.

I feared I would really struggle with getting a hold on discipline again esp with food portions and mindless eating… You know when you just throw anything into your mouth. Working out don’t scare me. I love to work out and even on my weight gain journey, I worked out very regularly.
I feared if I would be able to unlook pizza and ice cream. A treat I took to enjoying every week or 2.

I feared if I would be able to give up groundnut. One thing that definitely added to my weight gain.
With my body used to eating more, how well would I adjust to eating less?

Even more recently, I decided to challenge myself to stay off meats and I thought it would be stinking hard… Well it is Thursday of the first week of no meats, and I literally don’t care about meats anymore…
It feels like I have been vegan my whole life. Nary a challenge there…

Fam, your Coach is BORED!!!
My husband even makes me more bored. He keeps hailing me. Saying all the tummy is gone and I am such a star and how proud he is of me. At first, he wondered if I would be able to lose weight that fast but now, under a month, I am a hero

My help looks at me like a wonder woman cos she handles my meals and she literally saw the transition from being disciplined, to eating more, to now being disciplined again and eating less and watching me shrink literally.

I am not where I want to be but I am progressing so well. Faster than I thought
Oh, how did I forget another fear I had.
Night eating!!!

I had gotten used to eating a bigger dinner or even snacking more than I should at night. There was a season I drank garri milk and groundnut every night
I thought the struggle was going to be REAL cos night eating na winch I tell you.

But to speak the truth, night eating has been the easiest to actually drop. Most days, I drink tea at night and just sleep. I knock off my last snack at 5 or 6 and I keep drinking teas and water till I sleep.
The only dinner I have had has been peppersoup, then maybe an apple or pear.
Too easy I tell ya

Wayyyy too easy!!!
Now I need new goals!!!

I wore this dress to my son’s school yesterday and when I saw pictures, I was just BORED all over again.

It is under a month; HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???

(I’ll repeat this pose this weekend)


Trust me, I started to pray that same grace, strength and help for my squaddies

Ok, this morning, I thought about why I have enjoyed this result this fast…

1. God’s help.

I can’t do weight loss on my own, so even before I started, I asked Him to help me. I told Him I had made mouth and He needed to not embarrass me. I told Him I would do my best but I need multiplication like the 5 loaves and 2 fish, on my efforts. I still pray about it regularly.

2. A made-up mind

You see, after you sort the spiritual, then this is a mind game. Don’t start till you have already won in your mind. I knew it was hard but also possible. I knew it would take work and a lot of discipline so I prepared my m mind for it. I didn’t think of all the things I would miss. I only thought about getting back my size 10/12 easily. I don’t like any food more than I love flat tummy, toned hips/arms and an overall lean look. I am 32 but today as I went out, I looked 16. I wasn’t even wearing makeup and one of my wakas included a secondary school learning center to make enquiries for my Help. I was telling hubby that these people will think it is for me. Even hubby said when he put up my pix, someone asked him why he married a very small girl. You see, NO FOOD CAN GIVE ME THAT MUCH PLEASURE. None!!! No food is worth big stomach to me, God forbid.
So, my goal is clear and the battle is first won OR LOST in the mind.

With those two sorted, then the journey began.

Let me stop here
Oh, my meals for Wednesday?

I had 2.5cups FnF (like I drank 2 bowls haha)
Then a cup of pineapple smoothie, 2 Toblerone fun size (I have a whole pack hence my eating daily but I am giving out the rest today. I think I have had enough and I really control sweets with my 3-year-old. My crazy help who I have told to eat is not really a sweet tooth and hubby couldn’t care less.)
2 boiled eggs
And like 3 forks of macaroni from my son’s food
All eating ceased at say 5pm
Also worked out with weights in the morning.

Wanted to do a night workout but I was tired in my mind and soul more than my body so I passed

Enjoy your day and keep fighting…
While I think of the new weight/body goals to achieve


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