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Make HEALTHY obvious, Make UNHEALTHY scarce

I have come to learn a few things about myself since CoachE’Squad launched. Aside the fact that I am WAYYYYY crazier than I have always thought (yikes), I actually FOR REAL am into this fitfam life for REAL REAL.

Like I bleed FITFAM. I bleed GREEN.

I am every day HERE for the healthy lifestyle. I am certainly NOT perfect but mistakes and slips are what they are, and happen occasionally. The REAL EVERYDAY me is disciplined and stays on the narrow road that keeps me on a healthy lifestyle.

This year, I have delved into the PSYCHOLOGY of weight loss. MAN as a tripartite being means that we cannot afford to leave off any part of the three if we are going to have WHOLE chicks on this lifestyle.

In the physical, by God’s grace, I have learned a lot, and I am still learning. So MUCH proof lie in the RESULTS we have

In the spiritual, I do my best to merge Fitness and Faith. I am not just selling a lifestyle, I am selling my JESUS!!!

One of our daily confessions

What about the mind?

That is where your girl has been slacking. People typically revert to what I call their ‘psychological weight’ no matter what the scales read.

No one of this tri-part is more important than the other here on earth, so the goal is to be BALANCED in all 3.

Which is why the PSYCHOLOGY OF WEIGHTLOSS is one thing I am studying this year.

I am currently reading this UBER-BRILLIANT book, Atomic habits by James Clear and I love this concept he shared, which I am sharing below



(This is not all but these are the two I wanna highlight here)

When it comes to healthy foods and choices, our probability of staying on track is increased exponentially when these healthy cues are made obvious

Keep a big bottle of water before you all the time and babes, there is a HUGE tendency you will stay hydrated all day, more than if the water cue was invisible.

A picture of you at your goal weight, or you’re hero in her ideal weight always before you increases your chances of making choices that bring you closer to your goals.

Keep apples, pears, and all kinds of fruits as the first thing you see when you enter your kitchen, or open your fridge, and there is increased tendency of reaching your 5-a-day fruit portion

Conversely, keep biscuits, sugary/fizzy drinks and crap as the first thing your eyes see as you enter any space, and immediately, your appetite and craving for it increases.

Some of you can relate with the trap of wanting to eat anything a colleague or family member is eating, just because you saw it. Or when you pass by the place you kept your kids snacks for school, you too open one biscuit and drink for yourself.

Which is where the second concept comes in…


Make the unhealthy options as scarce as possible to reduce the use of your will power and discipline muscle all the time

 Love something James Clear said about discipline.

He said our discipline muscles are not meant to be used EVERY TIME. It was not designed that way, so the people who are disciplined the MOST are those who have set up their lives to use their discipline muscles the LEAST.

I did a post on my personal blog titled ‘Let’s make getting fat easy’ and there share how I keep my distractions low. That is how I have set up my life so I am not constantly fighting temptations.  Have eliminated the many I need to eliminate so the few left (which includes those from outsiders) put less pressure on those muscles.

This may sound simplistic to some of us. We want something more ghen ghen lol.

I am reminded of this scripture

 Matt 18 v 3… Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will NEVER enter the Kingdom.

Reading other versions and commentary, you soon learn that His alluding to children connoted a teachable, trusting, and humble spirit.

You are not second guessing or yinmu-ing. You meekly accept and apply, you too will see the ‘kingdom of a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight’ come to pass.

In accepting some truths, we literally become CHILDREN.

In the application though, we need the balls of SONS.

Maturity, People!!!

Because even though we can reduce the visibility of cues, we cannot eliminate them, so we better get ready to be both BABIES and SONS as we rock out this healthy lifestyle.

This February, in addition to a workout challenge which I called CoachE’s A – Z in 14days, I am also challenging my squaddies to look around their environments, then




It will look different for everyone but EVERYONE can do it

Cheers to BABIES also being SONS




Hey, we are OPEN for private coaching yaaaay.

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I can’t wait to connect with you again. Until then, remember that when the WOMAN gets it right, the WHOLE family soon gets it right




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