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Lockdown OverEating? Try my 5 helpful tips


If you would keep it 100percent, how crazy has it been managing cravings, hunger, appetite and more in this lockdown season?

It has been REAL for me but you better believe your girl has been fighting.

Truth is, I love being slim. I prefer slim over food, no matter how good. Then as a fitness Coach, I GET to be an example so that checks me too. Especially because I have 100s of squaddies to stay accountable to.


Above all, as a #JesusGirlsFitness Queen, we do it not just for the CULTURE, but for the KINGDOM


Ok so here are my top tips for controlling hunger and suppressing your appetite. This is not just what I read in my DAILY knowledge capital block, but stuff I’ve practiced and seen work for me

Here we go, in no particular order…

1. Hydrate

Gosh this is SO KEY. I just use water to annoyingly fill myself up. I can be 3L in 1hour 30mins after I wake and up to 6 or 7L down in a day.

I drink 0.5L to 1L when I wake
I take green tea, and another flavoured tea
I take celery juice
And I drink more and more water all day

Before hunger has a chance to hum a tune, my hydration pool has drowned it out mercilessly

To suppress appetite now, I also drink ginger and lemon in my water. Just squeeze a little lemon and throw in a few chunks of ginger into a big water bottle and let it all infuse, then keep drinking all day

Both are natural appetite suppressants and cost almost nothing.

Yes, keep water before you at all times mama. When I coach my private clients, we also check hydration. Anything below 3L gets a red and we dont want reds. The goal really especially as we are on lockdown should be 5 to 6L.

Give no space for hunger

Also before a meal, drink at least half to 1L water. And right after the meal, drink another.

I do this to be uncomfortably full.

You just get to a level where your tummy is too full and uncomfortable to take another bite of even your fave dish. This really works for me.

2. Eat slowly, wisely and mindfully

First, plate all meals. Eating from the pot is license to over eat mindlessly. Dish your meals. Use portion control plates to help. Alternatively, use a small plate and fill it up, instead of a big plate and then you feel like you didnt eat enough just because you stuck to the right portions. Dont just eat and watch TV. Practice mindful eating so you are telling your brain that this thing counts ooo, so dont come with hunger in 3mins. Eat slowly, dear.

3. Bulk up high calories with low calories

Hey, always always bulk up carbs with high fiber foods and veggies. Eg, rice and salads, yam and veggies, beans and carrots. You see sis, the portion that is right most likely wont fill you up, eg 1 or 2 cups of rice, but when you pair that up with 2 cups of salad esp cabbage and carrots, girl you are going to be SO FULL for less than half the calories.

That’s a trick I use. When I was stocking up for the lockdown, I bought an excess of cabbage, carrots and green leafy veggies. They are my BE FULL hacks. I eat my pasta with tons of shredded cabbage and carrots. I feel super full yet I didnt overeat high caloric foods. I eat my yams and potatoes with plenty green leafies. That’s my trick and it ALWAYS ALWAYS works. I never feel like I’m starving with this hack

4. Exercise daily especially before you eat…

Honestly, research has many fine scientific and hormonal reasons why this works like me squaddie here testifies,

BUT personally, I always feel like the pain of exercising just resets my brain. I cant kill myself working up a sweat and then have one meal spoil everything. So I start my day with a solid workout and take that caution into the day

5. Ask for and receive supernatural help

One of the major hacks to my healthy lifestyle is supernatural help. Some of yawl think it’s just discipline but hey, dear, I know where my power lies. I love this scripture

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Philippians 2:13 NLT

This scripture changed something for and in me.

You mean God can give me not just a desire but the power (some versions say PASSION) to do what pleases Him?


My commitment to health pleases Him so if I struggle, I can go straight to Him and ask Him to increase the passion.

He is such a good good God and He wants to do good to me not cos I am good but cos He is.

Now I am PASSIONATE about eating healthy and working out. I am ENJOYING it. You cant pay me to give this up. This is THE ONLY way. Even when I cheat, I KNOW it cant last. My passion and desire is for FITFAM and that’s cos JESUS DID IT

I see some chicks try to use gragra or think they dont need Jesus. I usually laugh. You gon’ KNOW girl.

Ok this is a GREAT place to stop.

I did this cos I see a lot of yawl struggle and I wanted to do a quick one to help since I am by God’s grace doing great even through the lockdown

I hope it helps, really.

And if you need more help, I’m happy to help via one of my paid for coaching squads via WhatsApp.

I’m so proud of my squaddies including the pregnant ones. MOST of us are holding tight to discipline even though we are home AND STILL LOSING WEIGHT.

So good.

And then my FIT21 JesusGirls creware killing their workouts DAILY phew.

I mean just for 5K they are gaining this amazing habit of exercising?


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I love what Obehi said about this post here

To your DISCIPLINE, girl


8 thoughts on “Lockdown OverEating? Try my 5 helpful tips”

  1. Thank you Coach for this, the veggies help a lot, supernatural help is always needed, I HATE exercising but when I ask for help, God provides it in abundance.

  2. Lovely . Dear coach. Drinking up water to fill up has really helped . Now am learning to drink even more

  3. Fikayomi Nicey Lami Olukayode

    Thank You! I found that hydrating helps my metabolism and I don’t get hungry easily. I love my favoured things better than water now.

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