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Social Media Roundup (Sun 1:07:18 – Sat 7:07:18)

Hello Blogosphere,

How have you all been?

So, I bring to you a roundup of our social media activities if for some reason or the other, you couldn’t go through the week with us.
First, I’d like to start with a gist within the Squad, and yayyyyyyyy, our Group Coaching started on the 1st of July, so excited. Ok, back to topic.
So, in the Squad this week, I was recording the activities of my Squaddies in DETAILS. I didn’t pre-inform them ‘tho, and like a thief in the night, I sprang up on them with their results of how they fared this week with a clear Instruction that I’m moving those that have been actively participating to a new group, and leaving the rest of them in the present group, and I will not say anything again in the present group and I meant it, just in case you are wondering.
Did I hear you say that’s too harsh, that’s so not nice, but they paid for this service. Helloooo, news flash, it is the act of trying to be nice that got us as a people to where we are today.
If you need to go hard, please do. And if going hard involves you telling the truth, then by all means do. I did a video on my IG page where I spoke on SACRIFICING THE TRUTH. A lot of us are only telling people what they want to hear rather than telling them what they NEED to hear. Enough of all these pampering, it’s not doing us any good. My dears, It is ONLY the TRUTH that will set free (John 8:32). Tell someone that TRUTH today, and they will be thankful to you for it tomorrow.

Oh! In case you are wondering how my Squaddies took my going hard on them. Well, I have Squaddies who are not afraid of hearing the TRUTH, and they adjusted as appropriate. A sneak peek of their reactions here.

To you my dear Squaddies, you know I love you all dearly, and whatever I do is because I want the best for you and I want you to get value for what you paid for. I look forward to when you will share your transformation pictures with me and I’ll remind you of these days, while we both laugh over it.

That being said, we are not here to joke at CoachE’Squad LTD. You need accountability? We are here for you. If you missed the first batch, there’s another opportunity to join us. A New Batch is commencing on the 15th of July 2018. You can reach us via email at or via mobile on 09055868614.

CoachE’ how do you do it?“. I get this question so many times, and I decided to share here. I opened up on some of my strategies, tested and trusted. I have used them over the years, and it has helped me stay REALLY EFFECTIVE.

Still speaking on Strategies, I shared something here, on how to know if you are truly hungry or it’s longer throat that’s knocking at the door. Lol. Remember those feelings you get after eating and you are filled up, but you just feel like nibbling on something, like chocolate, biscuit, softdrink etc, well it has a name, it’s called Longer Throat, aka akpili 😁😁. My ibo brethren will understand this. So, in this video, I shared how to differentiate between hunger and longer throat, and in this video, I shared on how you can use water to fight the longer throat when it comes and in turn helps us control our calorie intake, which finally helps us lose weight.
Chai! I’ve been on a strategy sharing spree this past week o.
It’s not a smooth ride, but the end is sweet” This quote was said by a former Squaddie of mine who came into the Squad last week to motivate my Squaddies to stay COMMITTED to their cause 😁😁😁. Wanna know why I’m smiling?Check here. So, this Squaddie of mine came in, and that was her closing statement and it’s so profound, even beyond weightloss. The Process is never interesting, never ever. Look through anything that is something today and you will see that the process it took in becoming that something (please don’t get lost) was not easy or attractive at all.
If you want to achieve anything of sustainable value, then be ready to go through a process. You want to lose weight, you have to go through the process, you want to be a medical doctor or whichever profession you choose, the midnight candle beckons, you want to be a successful Make Up Artist( please don’t be a dramatic one like me), the process awaits you, you want to gain weight, there’s a process to go through, you love children so much, you just got married and you can’t wait to to have yours? Your process gon’ take 9 months baby, so chill.
Whatever it is, you have to go through a process and it’s not always fun, but when you achieve your goal, it will put those not- so -comfortable times in a dim light.
Finally, before I go, on my Saved, Fit and Pregnant page, I shared a smoothie recipe which I termed ABC smoothie. After the whole stress of making this really colourful, highly nutritious, waistline friendly smoothie, my wonderful son KingDaveed decided to reward my efforts by spilling it.😥😥 Mhen children, you can’t but have them.
It’s really not possible sharing everything that went down on my social media pages here. Your best bet is to follow us, @coachesquad You surely will have a thing or two to learn.
Till we meet again next week, Its lot of love from here.

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