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Suru Lere… Pacing yourself on your fitfam lifestyle

Ah, fitfam. One of my fave topic to talk about after Jesus.

I think it is one of life’s beauties to be able to not just FEED but NOURISH your body right, with good food and an active lifestyle.

The physical coefficient of that being that you don’t just LOOK GOOD but are STRONG and weakness of your body is not what is stopping you from going out there and being EVERYTHING Jesus has called you to…


So I am constantly going after fitfam knowledge and personally trying out new fun stuff. I am currently on a vegan wannabe journey (more on that in another post, please) and imagine my joy when I discovered this AMAZING vegan couple of EatMoveRest, Erin and Dusty Stanczyk

Double joy when I also learned that they are faith-based too. #WinWin

Now, as I have leaned in CLOSELY to them (read STALK), I realize how easy it would be for anyone (me inclusive) to just be OVERHWLEMED and determine that this vegan lifestyle is just OFF for them, even when you had a desire for it.

You notice a couple of things being on their page…

  1. It is EXPENSIVE phew
  2. It is TIME consuming
  3. It is ENERGY consuming lol
  4. It CANNOT “WERK”in Nigeria
  5. It is HELLA EXPENSIVE hehe

I know 1 and 5 are the same, but honestly, it should be repeated.

First, their cameras lol. OK, I know we are not eating the cameras and all, but you gotta share this thing with the world, because as a Jesus Girl on the fitness assignment, your life is too small for your fitfam to be JUST-ABOUT-YOU!!!

Then their kitchen gadgets that make this fitfam lifestyle “werk”…?

Their “baaaaaaaad” refrigerator, their kitchen set up (they legit have a suspended tap intentionally close to the stove top, haaaa), their blenders and juicers (Vitamix, Omega, etx), even their knife and chopping board is NOT cheap. Their pots, hundreds of mason jars, some branded, and more.

Then we can talk about the foods… the fruits and veggies EXTRAVAGANZA they haul weekly, their nuts and seeds, their grains and tubers, their toppings and all, ALL ORGANIC ooo. Even their water. Then their supplements. Phew.

Their haul vs My haul

Oh and did I mention that they have a home gym?

Phewwwww to the WAWUUUU

Then all the time they INVEST into both their lifestyle as they live it, and the BUSINESS of it?

Like I said, EASY to get overwhelmed, but GUESS WHAT?


And that is a big deal, because in the past, I would just say that abeg, this vegan lifestyle is not for me, it is too expensive, I don’t have all that time, and so on…

But let me tell you what I did that HELPED me…


I put their FITFAM journey in CONTEXT!!!

These people have been on this lifestyle for about SEVEN YEARS!!!


1 2 3 4 5 6 7!!!

I really don’t have access to their first and second years, but from their content today, you can tell that they didn’t start out this fancy.

So it would be frankly, FOOLISH to compare my BABYHOOD to their TEENAGE!!!

So what do you/I do?



Start with very little changes and build up from there.

In fact, the first place to change anything is IN YOUR MIND

Some of us get on board fitfam with the mindset that it is EXPENSIVE, time consuming, restrictive, boring and all, and that mindset is already defeatist before the journey begins. You MUST RENEW your mind and realize that ultimately, it is YOUR HEALTH and not just for today but the MANY MANY tomorrows to come.

Also, you must absolutely believe that at whatever financial level you find yourself, you can rock out this fitfam lifestyle. It is “BIG EYE” that causes us to feel overwhelmed by cost.

I am telling you, even with YOUR CURRENT state of NEPA or NO NEPA, you can rock out this lifestyle!!!

First, PRAY,

Ask God to lead you to AMAZING deals.

Swap ShopRite for your local “mallams”

Leave celery and broccoli and use UGU and SHOKO

Forget strawberries, Grapes and kiwi, and you rock out tons of oranges, watermelons and pineapples. Seasonal fruits local to us, affordable and accessible.

And my sister, this last tip issa WINNER


Ah, it is AMAZING how much RESEARCH can save you. In fact as you find info that you feel is overwhelming, store it for later. I promise you, you will GROW into it, but don’t force a level you are not yet at.

I recall at the start of all my vegan intentions, all these plant protein sources seemed far fetched

Chia, Hemp and Flaxseeds, Chick peas, etx. Now, all these are in my kitchen and freezer.

And best part is how much I buy them, because again, I am LOCAL to the core.


I recently did a MAJOR food shopping at Mile 12 international market in Lagos with my sister girl, Mope and in addition to the regular foods, we got tons of spices, seeds and nuts.

I will still do a blog with details on it but until then, holler at Mope for all your MARKET RUNS. She is honestly ANOINTED for this job

Mope’s phone number: 08131537876

I got these stuff SO CHEAP like three times less what I would have paid for them in a supermarket. So you see why GOOGLE and research will help you?

Ok one more thought…

So when I started watching the EatMoveRest couple, instead of being overwhelmed by them, I WAS INSPIRED and EXCITED. I knew that I could GROW into this, please. I looked at my season and pocket, then put it side by side my desire, which is to transition to Vegan-ish lol

I knew I had to find a way to store fruits for longer. I desired a lot of things from watching them, but I stayed at my level. While I cannot YET afford their double door refrigerator with dispenser (Father Lord!!!) I can afford a simple yet effective refrigerator as we even needed to replace ours, so I started with that.

And now I have a better place to store fruits and veggies for a while, whether to stay fresh or frozen.

One day, I will also buy my own VITAMIX blender and Omega juicer but I am happy to strain my juices with a mesh cloth now.

And I am pacing myself small small even when it comes to recipes and all.

Like I said, Google gives you a great and usually cheaper alternatives to EVERYTHING at YOUR LEVEL.

Let’s all “SURU LERE”… Go small small.

I know some of you even consider my fitfam journey overwhelming for you, even financially, but realize, I didn’t start like this.

I was drinking only lemon squeezed in water every morning, and not celery juice like I do today

I was eating 50 naira watermelon and pineapple cut by “mallam” because I had no way to store a full fruit, or even money to buy it, unlike today that I literally blend various frozen fruits I buy in bulk and freeze, and make it fancy.

I didn’t even have a blender when I started not to talk of having a powerful one like I have now

I HAD NOTHING FANCY when I started AND I LOST 30kg in a little over 4 months

So don’t COVET someone else’s years when you only just got started.

Pace yourself and every day, do the best that you can.

I am ROOTING for you. “Nothing dey FAT FAM ooo”, FIT FAM ALL THE WAY!!!

And I need to “SORO SOKE” on that one



Love and Prayers




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How I INVEST Smartly Into My Fitfam Lifestyle


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