Talking Points from Jennifer’s Weight-loss Success

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Every other week, I bring in a Squaddie with amazing results to come speak to the current squaddies in a bid to motivate them.

I particularly remember Jennifer’s story because I was in the market when she called me and despite the noise, she still wanted to talk.

I told her to call me back at a certain time and she kept the appointment. At that point I knew this person was serious about the weight loss. Jennifer was in to motivate the squad last week and it was such a blast!

Here are talking points from Jennifer’s story.

We’d be doing this in exactly the Q & A format btw my squaddies and Jennifer. Let’s dive in!

Squaddies: Tell us about your weight loss journey

Jennifer : January 2019, I went for a wedding with my secondary school classmates, one of the things I noticed was that despite the fact that I wasn’t married, I was looking older than the married ones.

I came back and climbed on a scale and I weighed 90kg, I decided to go on a weight loss journey.

I had been stalking CoachE on IG but I wasn’t saying anything about registering, I stalked her for 3 more months then decided to call her up. Then I wasn’t still sure I wanted to go on that journey.

I registered with her and that was when the work started, it was HARDDDDDD, Coach is TOUGH but with God’s grace and her drive, I triumphed. Coach followed me up back to back, you guys know how extra she can be about misbehaving.

This is officially one year I started on this journey and it has been so rewarding, I look years younger than my age and the guys are flocking 😂.

Squaddies: Jenny!! Wow You look amazing indeed. Welldone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 how long did it take you to loose the weight ? How many kgs in total did you loose ? Did you have days you ate what was not on the plan ? If yes, how often was this?

Jennifer : Thanks dear. It was one month before there was any physical evidence, even then people weren’t seeing it as much. But by the time I was 3 months into the journey, it was GLARING.

Of course I cheated at some point. I couldn’t just kill myself. But when I cheat, the next day is automatically detox

Squaddies: Jenny, thank you for sharing your story. My question relates to exercising. How often did you exercise and did you take breaks as needed? When did you know it was time to take a rest? Also, how did you deal with the lower belly fat especially after losing most of the fat.

Jennifer : I always eat what was on the plan and Coach was always hammering on food prep so it made it easier for me to just follow the plan

I exercise at least 4 times a week and the lower belly fat ran from me when I started following my plan, the nutrition plan + the exercise targeted it and dealt with it. Also, the stomach gives you what you give it, I didn’t believe it when coach was saying it on her page (when I was stalking) but once I registered, I knew it was true

Squaddies : Do we necessarily have to do sit-ups to get rid of belly fat , or cardio and following the plan can do it ?

Jennifer: For me, it was the nutrition plan and cardio, by the time I was clocking 500 jumping jacks without adding the burpees, the thing was respecting itself.. Now I add 20 burpees and the jumping jacks and I just want to die but it works like magic, for me.. And I still follow the nutrition plan though not religiously and my cups are still in use till Jesus comes

Squaddies: How easy is it maintaining the new weight?

Jennifer : My dear for me, the main work started when I left the squad, that is when you have to dig deep inside you to know if you have everything coach taught you. Even when I left the group in June, I followed my meal plan religiously till December 2019 and the result was what even I in my wildest dream couldn’t imagined

Squaddies : So what do you weigh now?

Jennifer: 74.4kg. Although it’s hardddddddddd to maintain cos I am a FOODIE but CoachE’s voice in my head will not let me!

The best thing about this journey is that it cures you of so many nasty habits. I was a fanta junkie but this is also one year that I last tasted it.

The greatest part is that I no longer crave it, even if it’s in my face, I don’t even want it. Now water is my favorite drink.

Squaddies: Thank you for sharing your experiences. It helps to know that one isn’t alone on this journey. God bless you!!!

The end!!!

Real DROP MIC moment, well done Jennifer!!!

Super Proud of You!

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