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The finale…#10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge. The results are IN!!!

Hey guys…

Oh my gosh, I just went AWOL. I am so sorry!!! Blogging consistently on that #10kgIn6weeks weight loss challenge was a CHALLENGE and once I missed it two Sundays ago, which was the day we were to wrap up, the ginger was gone.

Today, I repent, especially cos a lot of you have been harassing me lol. And I suspect some of you have some ulterior motives haha but it’s all good.

So, I did lose about 7kg.
From 85 to 78.7kg.

In 6weeks, that is really amazing.

I had such huge dreams and if I didn’t end up in the heavens, I landed comfy in the skies and I really am pushing still.

But I’ve already had my treat yay

Will do another picture update this Sunday and scale update too.

Per inches, wow

So, the killer was my belly, pretty obvious in the pictures…

Started at 35 inches and ended at 28.5inches
A whooping 6.5 inches off my waist line

My hips are proving stubborn and I know why.

I have always had hips and stayed between 41 and 42 from my days of always making dresses. 40 was rare. Now I have hit 42 and the hips is forming hard guy. I no gree. I actually wanna be under 40, so 39 or 38 so we keep pushing

Anyways started at 45 and ended at 42inches

3 inches is major tho, but I need to move 3 to 4 more so we keep pushing.

Bust hasn’t always been that impressive so we started at 38.5 and ended at 35.5 that is 3 inches, not off the boobs but off my back I am sure. Wish I did a back picture. Really nothing to lose in the boobs.

All in all, it was an amazing challenge and I am still on it. I need my waist to hit a very comfortable 27/28 and my hips to be 38/39. The boobs are fine, I guess.

Now let me say something about the core, which is really what every woman wants… FLAT TUMMY.

I wore a jump suit to church on Sunday and most people talked about my flat tummy (which really is not that flat anyways).

As all the comments rolled, the Holy Spirit just laid it on my heart how we are so interested in the outward but what is really important is the CORE inside… that is my spirit man, just as the flat tummy is our desire and how it signifies a strong core, we also need a strong spiritual core as that is REALLY what will hold us up when wahala comes.

That is the kinda woman that I am and am becoming. Not just one with a flat tummy but one with a STRONG SPIRITUAL CORE.
So that no matter what the enemy throws my way, I stand gidigba

Let’s snatch that waist guys, but let us NOT neglect building some strength around our CORE!!!

Will try and do a weekly update as I match towards my new goal, and of course my 74/5kg. I suspect my scale is still bad cos it started giving issues the next day after I changed the batteries.

Beyond that tho, I will get back to regular blogging and sharing useful fitness and fitfam stuff that can help us all set fat on fire and BRING HEALTHY BACK!!!

On Instagram, @coachesquad @savedfitpregnant, I am always sharing solid info so please follow and check us out.

Plus I have a new program #JustB4Xmas where I wanna help you on a #30DayShred with me. Let’s do this guys. All I learned on this journey, I’ll share there

I also wanna challenge myself for a cou0le days to a 5k daily skips. I already know it will be SO HARD Kai. Starred today. Did 2500 this morning. Another 2500 by evening. So help me God.



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