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Hey Fam

Today’s blog post promises to be hilarious, educative and very insightful.

So we decided to do a quick interview with 5 of squaddies, about their journey so far.

They were asked questions like;

What shocked them the most?

Their biggest win so far?

What would be the title of their book , based on their journey so far?

Food they would love to eat forever and not get fat?

Their best part of the program?

And of course, their ” oh no moment “?

This is a long read but a very palatable one. So sit back and enjoy!!!

Let’s begin




1. So different things shocked me:

Myself: that I will be committed to everything happening including the workouts and meals.

Program: The intensity of the program, like, there is no room to slack.

Coach & squaddies: CoachE’ is amazing as always and the squaddies really crack me up most times and they are very resilient.

2. Biggest win will be, working out consistently, even when it is not convenient or I am not in the  mood.

3. If i were to write a book based on my journey so far, the title would be: Fitness is a mind game and the subtitle: it is harder than it looks or they tell you but it is the best gift you can give to yourself.

4. Food: I love everything whole and eatable though I can pass on most sweet things, i have never been a sweet tooth. I love real food.

5. Best part of the journey, would be  knowing i have people on this journey with me who are probably going through all i am going through.

My oh no moment: This would be waking up by 5am to workout😭😭. I hate waking up early and because of that, I miss it most times. Thanks Coach for this opportunity



1. The first “I don’t believe this moment” I had, was definitely making meals that didn’t incorporate the deep fried or heavily fatty foods and still enjoying my meals. I’ve always been an advocate for the fried foods and junk.

And boy was I shocked when I realised that eating healthy didn’t equate the food to not being tasty. It’s all in the mind!!!

2. My biggest win has to be drinking water EVERYDAY for 10 days and going a whole 10 days without consuming chocolates, fried and burgers for the whole 10 days.

And not like I haven’t had the opportunity. I have even bought for people but I haven’t had it!!!!

3. This is a hard one but I think the title of my book based on the journey so far, will be “Doing it right, the right way”

A journey through the healthier way of losing weight. Omo, I dedicate the book to myself because I believe I’m outdoing myself and expectations 😂😂

4. Food i can eat forever and not get fat : definitely burger and fries. 😂   


5. I think the best part for me would be using that measuring tape to gauge my inches and seeing the figures decline.

It’s like a release of positive energy through my body when I see the results.

“Oh no moment”, has to be working out. Sometimes I’m seconds away from crying 😂😂😂 all the same they have been fabulous.




1. First thing that shocked me was the meal plan. It was interesting to see things that I had never tried and I wanted to try them. 

I freaked out when I saw meals that were oil-free and questions like “how can I prepare a soup without oil?” popped up in my head. 

I wasn’t sure I could do it but I decided to follow the guidelines, recipes on the meal plan and surprisingly, I enjoyed the meals I made without oil. It was great to know that was possible. 

Also, there were some dishes that just didn’t make any sense to cook without oil, e.g soup, beans e.t.c and I must say that I really enjoyed the cabbage soup. 


For the squaddies: I liked the enthusiasm though I wasn’t expecting people to be that responsive. There was a lot of encouragement. It always amazed each time I saw people who were like 60+ kg, I usually wonder what they want to loose and then on the other hand, there are people who weigh more than you. You just realize everyone’s journey is different. 


2.The biggest WIN for my first ten days would be, being able to cut down on my portions. I’ve never been the type to over indulge but due to inactivity during covid, I knew I had to work on the food angle. So eating the right  portions and not being hungry even though the portions might seem smaller, was a big win for me. 

Also, getting back into exercising and being active. It was a gradual process but I love how far I’ve gone.


3. If i were to write a book on my journey so far, the title would be “keep believing, you can do it”. Some of the confessions we are given, are always backed up with scriptures and there is something to learn and hold on to. It helps you confess positively. I would dedicate it to myself. You can love yourself and yet not take care of yourself. Looking after your health and staying fit is SELF-LOVE.


4. Fried plantain would be one food I would love to eat forever and not gain weight … hahaha 😂


5.The best part for me, would be learning new recipes from you. I’m not a first time Squaddie and it’s amazing to see that each time I come back, your meal plans are never the same. I love the fact that your meal plan is very creative and then, you teach us how to substitute when we don’t have a certain item. 

Oh no moment : this would definitely be working out.. Lol

I don’t like too much exercises. Waking up 5a.m wasn’t easy for me because I sleep very late, most times I end up doing my own workout. But I’m making progress, seeing result and gaining strength day by day. 

Also, I honestly don’t think, there is a “oh no” for me on the meal plan. I really enjoyed it. 

Well, i’m still on it and I keep believing God for better habits and staying consistent.






1.“I don’t believe” that I could love working out for even 15 – 20 mins. I actually love the program, there is a lot of positivity. 

The Squaddies are amazing!!! I love my ginger partner. Seeing the things she does, pushes me to do better. 

You can tell that the Squaddies are ready for this. 

My biggest turn-around would be the infusion of the “higher why”. It just changed a lot of things. 

Prior to now, I would have treat meals everyday even while on the middle of the program but now, I see things that would trigger me but I won’t fall prey to it.

I think a lot about the coach, for the fact that, she is goals. Why? Because I love her journey, her consistency, she’s committed and very disciplined. 


2.My biggest win for me, would be loosing 3 inches + on my waist. I’ve always had issues loosing belly fat. The workouts have been very effective and  also my meal plan. 


3.If I were to write a book on my journey so far, I would dedicate it to my daughter. 

The title would be “strength for days” and the subtitle would be “from couch potato to fitness enthusiast”. 

I’ve realized that one of the things that made me start this journey, was that, I got tired a lot playing with my daughter and she’s 2 years, and super active. But now … it’s a different ball game and I love it. 

Also found out that, if you’re tired, workout. It’s funny but it’s true. 


4. I would love to eat Yogurt and not get fat. 


5.The best part for me, would be the discipline I have gotten. The best part would be the whole package. From the prayers to the fast, confessions, meals, workouts and even the Squaddies, especially my ginger partner. 


My “oh no moment” would be drinking of water. I’ve been struggling with it for like 2days now but I need to work on that. 



1.The first thing that shocked me, would be my level of unfitness. Doing the exercises, just made me realize how stiff my body was. 

I love the coaching program, I feel like there someone walking with me on this journey. 


2.My biggest WIN in the past ten days, would be seeing a very BIG change in my overall health. My insulin levels are better now. I haven’t had a break out on my face and my skin is very clear. 

Also my periods, the flow is lesser and the number of days has reduced. It’s amazing how my health has improved. 


3.What would I call my book  based on the journey so far? Hmmm, this is quite interesting. Well for me, I would say “From bad health to good wealth“. This is because, I feel like I’m very rich in a lot of things e.g I’m rich in peace, I sleep very well, I’m very happy e.t.c and I would dedicate it to CoachE’, and also the old me, who was lost and didn’t know where I was going. 


4.My favourite food would be swallow.. Lol.. I love it! Any swallow of any kind with probably vegetable soup, would be my go-to meal. 


5. The best part would be that, it’s not just about diet, workouts but we are involving God. This has made this journey very peaceful for me, even regardless of the results I see now, which I do enjoy and would love to carry on with it. 


I woud say i have a “happy-sad” “oh no moment” with 5 o’ clock in the morning … hahaha, when I’m getting up to do the exercise but it’s also the best part of my day in the morning because I feel so energized, I’m so pumped and I can do stuffs. 

It’s something I would carry on doing and also, my body is getting used to it. 

Though, before I get up sometimes…. 

I ask myself questions like, do you want to get up this morning? Or do you want to get out of bed? But when I weigh the benefits, then it’s definitely WORTH getting up. 


Hmmmn, I hope you enjoyed this interview like I did and looking forward to your comments, and also questions.


Also, we would be counting down to our new program starting on 30th May.


And to our international FAM, we got you covered.


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