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Hey beautiful Preggos…

Ok I have to start on a MOST EXCITING and HONEST note.

Ah!!! There are MANY TIMES I have NEAR given up on SavedFit&Pregnant because it didn’t SEEM like it was achieving ANY PURPOSE at all.

My Preggos didn’t wanna work out even when they could. They didn’t follow the meal plan even when they could. The group was SILENT and I was the ONLY one talking all day and night. The one thing they participated in was weekly prayers though, and the daily confessions. Funny enough, at the end of the month, they would extend their subscription and I will be like WHY ARE THEY STILL PAYING NA? Am I of any benefit to them at all?

So, after a few months of struggling, I announced that I wanted to take a break, and I did. We only just resumed and GUESS WHAT? Today I have Preggos who ACTUALLY WORK OUT!!! Some even go to the Gym. They follow the meal plan and ask me questions. Ah!!! God is good. My joy is FULL. Haha

Ok so on to what I wanna talk about today. In my latest The Guardian article, I said that Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery are ATHLETIC EVENTS, you SHOULD TRAIN for them, and by training, I do mean train those muscles by working out. Read that article for some good information on working out in pregnancy as you prepare, but here I want to highlight a couple of workouts and tips to help you navigate pregnancy especially the last couple of weeks…


Whether to lift or drop or pick up something from the floor

Oh dear, this is one mistake MOST women make. While you MAY get away with it if not pregnant, a pregnant woman MUST bend right, and that means you bend at the knee and NEVER the waist. Bending the wrong way, especially as bump gets bigger, which is even when it is really tempting to bend wrongly, means that you are inviting back and pelvic pain. So please, practice it, and especially from the beginning of pregnancy so it doesn’t seem impossible at 8months lol. Bend slowly and rise slowly

  1. Walk Walk Walk

That is about the BEST prenatal workout a woman can do. Even right up until delivery, which is why sometimes you are advised to walk round the labour word in the early labour stages. I walked till the day before I had my C-Section

I KNOW you are tired and you need help to even breathe, but my sister, fight that tiredness, so long as there are no medical issues. Tiredness is not an issue lol. Swimming is another great prenatal aerobics move, but why it comes after walking is that every one can walk, and even if you haven’t been taking walks before now, you can start at any time, but swimming is a skill and you cannot learn to swim in your pregnant days, most likely. But if you could swim before now, it is definitely safe to continue.


  1. Let water be your BESSFREN

I say this a LOT to my weight loss Clients and the same benefit it offers to those who wanna lose weight, it also offers to my Preggos, EVEN MORE. Take per instance, being optimally hydrated will fight pregnancy induced bloating (of course you have to make sure your diet is not encouraging bloating), help control your appetite, and make sure that your tummy has some action going on, so you don’t interpret BOREDOM for HUNGER. And of course, water ensures that the body’s normal metabolic processes are running smoothly both for you and baby. Bonus points that it refreshes you since pregnancy increases internal temperature of the body, making you hot within and without. So, drink up to cool down, especially when you are TRAINING…

As per usual, every information shared here is on a general basis. You should SPEAK TO YOUR OWN DOCTOR before applying these or any prenatal fitness advice.

And as always, let prayers be a lifestyle for you

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Love yawl and HAPPY TRAINING


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