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#BeyondWeightLoss… Bimpe shares her TRANSFORMATION experience with #JesusGirlsFitness

Yay! I am super excited to have another amazing Squaddie feature on this segment on the blog called “Beyond Weightloss”

Yes we help people lose weight, but we hope that beyond weight loss, you’re gaining spiritual strength, mental alertness and becoming an all-round person; spirit, soul and body.

We kicked off with Tobi . Read her story here

#BeyondWeightLoss… Tobi shares her TRANSFORMATION experience with #JesusGirlsFitness

Now, It’s my honour to share Bimpe’s story! Read on..

30kg was what I gained during pregnancy and there my journey began. From 96kg, I was able to shed 8kg after delivery and with breastfeeding.

So August 2018 at 88kg, I began the first phase of this journey, I worked hard, I ate clean as much as I could, I wanted the weight to come off fast, so sometimes I won’t eat, it became so bad that I felt good feeling hungry and felt bad when I feel full.

I was beginning to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, I was becoming afraid of eating and I knew this wouldn’t be sustainable, but I thought to myself that it doesn’t matter, I would keep it off. I also was battling depression, I was battling dissatisfaction, I was not happy.

I was not working then and felt useless, I felt like life was leaving me behind, I felt I was suffocating and wasting. My prayer life was a mess, old habits started creeping back in and then I hit a plateau at 72kg.

Then I gave myself a treat, then more treats and more treats. The issue was not the treat in itself but the roller coaster effect it had on me. I had not learned discipline and I was completely using my strength, and my strength was weak, it couldn’t carry me through.

I had left Coach by July 2019, cause I felt I could always starve myself of food and lose weight. However I couldn’t starve myself anymore, I wanted to eat everything and indeed I did.

The weight was now coming back, I tried to eat clean, but I couldn’t, I worked out occasionally but it wasn’t enough, I was becoming ashamed of the way I looked again because I had not dealt with an underlying issue.

So by January 2020, I hit 86.2kg and then I knew I had to go back to coach. So tails in between my legs, I called coach and told her I had added back most of the weight I lost.

She was so sweet, she didn’t judge or blame me, just the right encouragement I needed.

The difference this time was that, I had had a mind shift, I had literally dropped all the worry, anger, bitterness, depression, dissatisfaction at the foot of the cross. I was harmed with knowledge, my prayer life was and is still is on fire, I had taken charge of the atmosphere in my home, I wasn’t going to allow Satan mess with me or my family, and also since I’m trying to conceive, aside praying and having faith, I needed to give my body a fighting chance as well.

The weight started coming off again, this time I wasn’t focused on the scale, if it moves fine, if it doesn’t, all well and good. There were times the scale was just revolving around 78kg for about 5 weeks, I didn’t give up.

When I had my surgery and couldn’t work out for two weeks, I didn’t give up. I did a lot of reading on healthy living, I read, God I read, 🤣. I have a journal where I was writing my progress, it helped me see where I’m coming from and helped me push to where I’m going, as I beast mode with my workout in the physical, I beast mode the devil in the spiritual, seriously I don’t have time again for his nonsense.

Now at 65kg, I’m a completely different person, working to maintain the weight which has been fun so far. Eating clean is no longer difficult, exercising is fun, I hit a goal of 8500 skips, pushing to 10,000.



I can easily say NO to food I don’t need and not feel like I’m missing. I can now give myself a treat and not feel guilty. The balance is necessary. This is me Bimpe saying, everything representing weight in my life, has been harpozoed!

Real drop mic moment guys!!! Thank you Bimpe!!!


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