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Week 3… Days 1-3, #10kgIn6weeks weight loss challenge … BUT IS YOUR GOAL HEALTHY?


It has been a marathon week but I have been smashing my goals thanks to TWO books I am currently reading…

EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy and DEEP WORK by Cal Newport

However, you are here for my weight loss story so let’s jump right into it

Sunday was a good day. Technically day 1 of my week 3 and also my father’s birthday celebration. So, we had 3 different sauces… Fish, Chicken and Prawns. I ate a little of all, with some rice. Then a little more of the sauces. Then more pieces of meat from the soup. Then a small slice of cake, mainly to taste cos I wanted to see how the cake turned out.

Again, too much meat. Haha

Rest of the day was clean as I didn’t even have dinner

Hubby and I worked out at night to KL’s Kickboxing Cardio. Really enjoyed it.

Woke up Monday and ready for the week’s grind. Quickly forgave myself of the plenty meat sin of the weekend

Kept my food real light as I was even fully engrossed in work. I ate steadily but little. Mostly fruits and veggies and two pieces of meat from our soup which we brought back from the party haha. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!

Worked out only in the evening

Tuesday, I worked out to a new video called ESCALATE by Jillian Michaels. I almost passed out. My ring that hasn’t left my finger for at least 2 years or so, I took off cos it was getting in the way of the workout. Also took off my glasses, which cucu kept falling off. People of God, ESCALATE issa KILLER!!!

It was a salad kinda day as I had it for both lunch and early dinner and I hated it both times. Usually I like salads but I don’t know what was off with mine on that day. I almost threw it away and ate something else but I endured. For the prize of 10KG set ahead of me to be LOST forever.

Then I had a smoothie and then more fruits as snacks.

Thought I would take a long walk that evening but I no fit. Work no gree me.

Ok so I wanna quickly answer a question someone asked me

When Dr Zinny of Zinny’s healthy lifestyle saw I was trying to lose 10kg in 6weeks, she wanted to know IS THAT HEALTHY?

I loved that angle cos most people would ask is that safe? Or is that possible? Or is that realistic? But spoken like a real coach, is that HEALTHY?

I understood where she was coming from cos weight loss should be gradual, so you don’t deprive yourself of some of the nutrients your body needs cos you are drastically cutting calories.

If you are in my Squad. I never have huge expectations. Infact, 3 to 5kg per month is fine. Just be consistent. Of course, I have seen some people lose up to 8kg in that one month and some 10kg in 6weeks.

Usually the body has what is called WATER WEIGHT which is easy peezy to lose. Most people who are over 100kg or even obese have water weight and that jumps off pretty fast. You see it in the scale, but you hardly see that much in the body. WEIGHT loss is more about FAT than water, so we should aim for fat loss.

However, this is ME. CoachE’. I want to push myself and go a step higher. I certainly have no water weight to lose so I know it is all fat and is even more work (and possibly muscle cos I am RIPPED literally all over)

I am willing to hit the cliffs but listen to my body. I am deliberately choosing nourishment over calories cos I am not even expending that much energy. I sit at my table and work a lot. I am eating highly nutritious foods though less calories. I am drinking at least 6L of water/teas almost daily to continually fuel me. Sometimes up to 8L. My body truly feels amazing and I feel healthier, lighter and so much better.

When I work out, I don’t always over push myself. I am not even skipping because this is a super burner for me. When I was on my first weight loss journey, I worked out religiously twice a day, one of which was 2k or more skips. I also ate more.

These days I am working out less and eating less.

My body feels super strong and I am striking a damn good balance.

I won’t put anyone through this or demand it from anyone, cos I know not too many people can roll like me.

I was just looking at my Monday food diary and thinking


Yet I felt really fine

Long and short is THIS IS MY JOURNEY AND STORY. It is healthy for me but may not be for you

I want this to inspire you to know that we are SO POWERFUL and can literally achieve anything with our minds on it, but you must create your own process unique to you. Something that stretches you but still within safe and healthy confines. I truly think we don’t push ourselves enough. We give up and give in far too easily. This is my invitation to you to move a bit towards the seams of safe, and maybe ever so often, take one foot out of safe into risk and see how that feels, but listen to your body.

Plus, as a Coach, I am also gathering more info on this weight loss thing using myself as guinea pig. Now I know better how to advice when it comes to night eating, and more things. I am equipping myself for my squaddies and what an amazing ride this has been.

So, is it healthy?

For Eziaha, it is not just healthy but safe, fun and oh so rewarding.

I will be back on Friday to fill you in on Days 4 to 6

At my last weigh in, I was 81.5kg. I am hoping this next week takes me to the 70’s. The target is 79. But whichever way the scales go, the show must go on.



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