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Week 4, Day 2&3 #10kgin6weeks weightloss challenge… Your brain, Your belly and HUNGER!!!

Hey yawl

Its day 3 of week 4…Tuesday

And let’s look through Day 2 and 3

I will just start by saying that I have never really quite reacted to any food. Matter of fact, I am very open to trying new things, VERY UNLIKE MY HUBBY who plays safe ALL THE TIME lol.

No food drama, only throw up once a year (and usually pregnancy drama) and all that
Somehow today I threw up…

Ok, history…
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are moimoi days at mine so my help makes moimoi on Tuesday

I looked forward to today’s moimoi so when it was done, I settled down to swallow 2.

2 seconds later, I was bent over the toilet throwing up my entire intestines lol

Must be the stupid annoying boring topic I studied this morning in my Advanced Nutrition course.

I even threw up part of my breakfast which was veggie eggs (I usually fry green leafy veggies with my eggs). It was crazy.

I hope I am not pregnant. Choi.

Anyways, tummy empty, I decided I needed FIVE WHOLE fun size Toblerone. 4 black and 1 regular. I just felt like I needed sugar to hit my brain. The small one like TomTom oooo

Then I went to have 2cups of Fruit n Fibre and milk, which I sweetened with like half a cube of sugar and dates.

I am done with food for today.

I am not even sure what went down with that moimoi today. I think it works better for me when I eat it the next day or any later day not the day it was made.

Oh, I also had 2 big packs of cheesballs

I picked up a love for cheese balls when I was pregnant (hahaha) and the woman near my house now started selling the big one ooo. The stupid cheesballs has no calorie info on it so I just keep assuming its safe. I ate that stuff DAILY when pregnant, or almost daily and I still gained just 12kg so I am hoping it doesn’t do much damage.

Veggie Eggs

Moimoi (which I threw up)
Fruit n Fibre
1 bottle zobo
Garden eggs

That is all I ate today. Have had 4 cups of tea (2L in all), and say 3L of water. Should have another cup of green tea and then another 1 or 2 Litres of water today.

I drink A LOT. It truly helps me control hunger pangs and keeps my metabolism going.

I also worked out this morning. I took a 90min prayer walk.

Actually, didn’t plan to work out today but when the dragon of sleep was fighting me during my prayer time, I knew I needed to take the battle to the streets.

I am glad I did cos that morning, I got hit with a test which I handled well cos God had prepared me in my prayer place. No wonder the devil wanted to come for my prayer this morning


Not TODAY!!!

Ok yesterday, what did I eat?
Again 1 pack cheeseballs
See the rest on my food diary

I was on a fast hence the reduced food. I truly was SUPER HUNGRY when I broke but I ate my cereal, drank water and relaxed abeg.

Much as the hunger felt like it would take me out, but like I told my squaddies, it takes 20 to 30mins for your tummy to get the message from your brain that it is full, so at least give it 30mins before going for seconds or thirds.

My peppersoup had no fish cos I have started my low-key vegan diet
Worked out too in the morning

That’s all for today and yesterday

I thought I would do a proper post on HEART RATE and STEPS MONITOR

How to use your phone, my fave Apps, Trackers and more

I should do that later this week if possible
My steps yesterday were even less than 10k.

Oh wells.

I try to hit at least 10k daily.

I hope to work out tonight, if I can get hubby in for the ride. He is battling an eye infection though and has been using it to get away with murder, literally haha

Oh, and see this gown I wore yesterday.

Even hubby had to triple check that I didn’t have my post-partum belt on. Belle just flat like iron haha

But I am proud of my progress. Proud yes but still working hard to lose 10kg cumulative and fit into those dresses perfectly

Working hard on my goals mehn. And inspiring my squaddies and hopefully you too reading it to STAY ON YOUR GRIND!!!

To your size 10


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