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Halak Palal, the BIGGEST VIRTUAL Fitness & Prayer walk

Hey Fit-Squad, I’m super excited to launch a WHOLE NEW program at CoachE’Squad Ltd. I’m DOUBLE excited BECAUSE I get to combine TWO passions of mine on this one… Jesus&Fitness I’m TRIPLE excited because hey, I am a PEOPLE person and so put me in a group and I’m happy

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Dealing with Muscle Soreness from Exercise

‘Hey Icon, put me on a routine please? I have your time today.’ This was what I told the trainer at the gym I use in my neighbourhood. I have a more than fair knowledge of exercises and gym equipment so usually, I just do my thing without joining the

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5 Lifestyle Habits to Help You Age Gracefully

This post was post published on the Lady’s Room website. I know us girls don’t like to hear this, but sis, old age will happen. Whether you are catching trickles of grey hair or you have a full crown already, you can be sure of changes that will occur in

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Talking Points from Suzanne’s Weightloss Success

Every other week, I bring in a Squaddie with amazing results to come speak to the current squaddies in a bid to motivate them. Here are points from Suzanne’s story. We’d be doing this in exactly the Q & A format btw my squaddies and Linda. Let’s dive in! Squaddies:

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GAN-RAVEH… CoachE’s Well watered DETOX Garden

When I started my now very famous weight loss journey back in September 2015, I went around the block for about 6 weeks to 2 weeks, losing nothing sensible, then I hired TWO Coaches at once and in TWO WEEKS, I lost 5.2kg. After then, I could NOT be stopped.

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Her name is Uche. Uche and I have some history. We found ourselves in this crazy off-campus hostel as housemates. It was a friendship at first sight. We graduated same year, served in Lagos together, I was there when she had her baby and she was equally there when I

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Always hungry? Here are 5 ways to FIGHT IT!!!

Challenging the urge to eat can be a huge deal. For some, every day issa battle and mostly a losing one, which of course erodes our self confidence and decreases the urge to even keep fighting. Then we give up, and our weight keeps climbing and climbing till it starts

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Osho free and your FitFam

Happy new month everyone I love a new month and all the hope it brings, AND I am particularly obsessed about June as it is my birth month. This post came to me last week and I just fell in love with the message of it. This is real adult

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