LUNCH BOX PURITY BLOG SERIES 2: Sheila Tagbo takes us all to SCHOOL!

Despite childhood obesity being a global challenge, wins have been almost non-existent when it comes to pushing it back. However, Brighton, a city in England has experienced a downward trend in childhood obesity rates compared to national figures. This beautiful study gives us some insight as to how their multi-faceted approach including like checking physical activity and schoolmeals including provision of higher quantities of fresh vegetables, raising awareness about sugar in food using a concept called ‘Sugar smart’ and incorporating all of these into school meals. Furthermore, several of the identified actions and ways of working in Brighton are also reflected in recent food systems policy recommendations to deliver healthier diets for all, particularly concerning actions around school meals… and nutrition education.

In sum, schools matter too. Actually everyone matters in this fight, including Educators. Which is why we are collaborating with Educators on this Lunchbox Purity Blog series as part of the WELLNESS REVIVAL movement!

And on the second edition of the LBP blog series, we have Sheila Tagbo who is currently the absolutely amazing and selfless Head Teacher at my Kiddos’ school!


Is it actually possible for a school to eliminate completely junk in the lunch boxes of our children as opposed to having a few days a week where junk is not allowed? If no, why?


Yes, it is possible for a school to implement a policy that restricts or eliminates completely junk food from lunch boxes. Schools can establish clear guidelines for what types of food are allowed, encourage healthier options, and educate both pupils/students and parents on the importance of nutritious meals.
Also, collaborating with parents, providing meal plans, healthy alternatives in school cafeterias, and promoting sensitization programmes can contribute to creating a healthier food environment.

Her full feature is here. Click and enjoy!!!


Welcome to the LUNCH BOX PURITY series with Eziaha. I am supremely excited about this because I know that as a result of this series, we will get to see UNCOUNTABLE junk-free Lunch boxes.

I am excited to delve into this and I am kicking this off with my Friend and Sister of now over 20years, Dumebi. I have seen passionate people and I can truthfully say that Dumebi is one of the most passionate about her craft that I have seen. Having been a major part of her educational career from the start, it has been beautiful to watch her success, first from being a Teacher and Librarian to now owning her own group of schools!

Q.How can the Government, Federal or state, throw their weight behind schools (in terms of policies for example) in the fight to ensure that at least within schools, child nutrition is front and centre!

What a laugh. Healthy food ain’t cheap. Public school kids are being sent to school with N50,
some less. Oranges are not even N50. Let Government fix the economy,  then they can focus
on eliminating junk foods in school by restricting commercial marketing of low nutrition
foods and beverages, as well as brands associated with unhealthy products, on school
property. But again, one can argue that the Government cannot tell people what to eat. For now, it is the
least of their concerns to be very honest.

Lunchbox Purity Interview with Dumebi

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I’m flippin’ excited to bring this to you. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Older siblings, Teachers and School owners this is all for you. The goal? To raise Healthy Wellness Champions who are free from diet related sicknesses and set to flourish in future.

For 10 weeks we will have conversations with educators across the globe who will go DEEP into how we can prepare JUNK FREE Lunch Boxes for our precious kiddos as they go off to school.

So, if you’ve been struggling in this area DO NOT MISS THIS SERIES. #anticipate

We had the Wellness Revival in November 2023. You can get more details about it here and yes, the replay is available too. The lunch box purity series is in keeping with the revival of wellness which we ignited in November last year.

So mark the dates in February, March and April when The Lunch Box Purity Series will be released. We launch on Monday 12th February 2024.

You can create your own customised flyer here, like the one below, share it and help us spread word. Thank you!

See you then!

Cheers to our Healthy and Flourishing kids.

Your Health Coach,


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