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The #JesusGirl’s ‘For-Purpose Body’ is

    That’s why Jesus died
    For my God-given assignments
    With real food, fruits, veggies and water
    Exercising on a regular
  • at an

    Not overweight or underweight

I’m Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo, your habits-changing, Weight loss Coach.

Using simple practices of better nutrition, fasting, and exercise, I‘ll help you build your ‘For-Purpose’ body, by creating new habits and identity around your fitness and health goals, so your results can last.

Let me show you around…

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How I Lost 30KG in 4 Months

 I heard the attending lady say ‘Wow 106kg’, and then she gave me a sweet ‘hey ya’ look. Frankly, it didn’t quite sink in until I landed in Lagos, went into the Ladies’ at the Airport, and mistakenly caught a glimpse of my image in the mirror. The image that looked back at me was HORRIFYING!!! Right in that bathroom, I started crying. 

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Everyday Women WOW! Transformations

4 months postpartum, a friend asked if I was pregnant again. I knew I had to do something. I also wanted to do it for my husband, my son and myself (sanity). – Linda

I lost 6kg in 3 weeks and then nothing for 7 weeks, but I stayed consistent and didn’t quit. One year later, I’m still rocking my new body. – Ihuoma

I started to develop an unhealthy relationship with food, afraid of eating while battling depression. My prayer life was a mess, old habits started creeping back in and then I hit 72kg. – Bimpe

Meet CoachE’

  I’ve always enjoyed Ice-cream, but for all of its deliciousness, it melts so fast. As a Coach, I have zero interest in quick but short-lasting results.

Which is why we don’t just help you lose weight, we build habits and systems around your life, at a pressure-free pace, to ensure the weight stays off for good.

Your desire for a purposeful life powered by a ‘For-Purpose Body’ is valid, and only a #JesusGirlsNation coaching away.

Our coaching style combines Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition, Experience and The Bible, simplified to deliver long-lasting results, unlike ice-cream.

Wanna hear my ice-cream story, and more?

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Our Charity/ Philanthropy

From school and exam fees, to feeding, household and sanitary supplies, social and extra curricula support and more, we invest a certain percentage of our income to our chosen Charity of Support, Precious Pearls in Egbeda

So when you work with us, you are helping many precious pearls get a better and more dignified life. With your continued support, we can and will do more. And you can support them directly even if you don’t get on any of our programs!

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