So, we introduced this awesome segment right here on the blog called 5 QUESTIONS WITH…

Here we ask a former Squaddie 5 questions on her weight loss and healthy living goals.

We kicked off with the ever-bubbly Rosemond @rossiedarl in the UK

and today we are in Australia with Linda…

1. How the weight gain happen?

I gained weight after child birth while eating for 2 in other to breastfeed.

(She was 4 months post-partum here)

2. What triggered your desire to lose weight?

4 months postpartum a friend saw me and asked if I was pregnant again. I knew I had to do something. I also wanted to do it for my husband, my son and myself(sanity).

3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of the journey?

The hardest part was definitely my mentality. As a foodie, it was hard to portion control and turn my menu around. Easiest part though hard to believe was workout

(Side note from CoachE’: I agree with her. I found it exciting to workout and looked forward to it daily)

4. How are you working on maintaining the weight lost?

By still working out and meal prepping is an important aspect. It helps me not to fall out of control.

5. Advice for anyone planning to embark on the journey…

Always let your heart to speak to your head that this is a lifestyle and will require major changes. That you will need patience, persistence and consistency. Also, always picture the body you want it will help you work towards it.



Thanks Sweetie… so proud of you

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