What PROGRESS looks like at #JesusGirlsFitness

Hey Fitfam, Happy Friday. Today on the blog is SHOW OFF day haha So We kicked off our 2021 coaching with #Hygiano on Sunday, January 31st and it’s being a blast! #Hygiano Squaddies have been pushing hard steadily for 10days and honestly I’m impressed at the momentum they’ve garnered, literally bringing in their A-game. And […]

Our 2021 Coaching: Hygiano & Hadaccah

Ah finally finally, we kick off our coaching program for 2021!!! DRUM ROLL and CONFETTIs please This is LATEST time we are kicking off in the New Year since I began coaching 4 years ago, but this was FOR GOOD, as we wanted to upgrade our WHOLE ENTIRE coaching experience. The goal is NOT for you to […]

Inside CoachE’Squad: November

Yaaaay! Happy to be here again. it’s been a while I’ve brought you our usual weekly gist from all the happenings inside CoachE’ Squad. (“This week on CoachE”) So here I am bringing you slightly over a month’s backlog of gist (November till Date)? As usual we will be sharing all the activities that went […]

Surviving Autophagy… CSL Squaddies speak

Hello Fitfam people, I am so excited to bring you transformation gist from 4 amazing CSL squaddies  including autophagy on their weight loss journey. what is autophagy? According to Health line; Autophagy is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells, in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells. “Auto” means self and “phagy” means eat. […]

How I INVEST smartly into my Fitfam lifestyle

When I started my weight loss journey at first 4 years ago, I was B-R-O-K-E!!!     There was hardly any wiggle room for fancy so if any diet had anything beyond what I could get from mallam, ya girl was O-U-T!!! The gym was also OUT for me not just that I could not […]

CEOriginals: Making your WEIGHT LOSS journey EASIER ; 7 Squaddies speak

Hey People, Welcome to another CEOriginal (CoachE’ Originals) post. When we do these original posts, we get to sample opinions from our Squaddies; whether past or present. This time around we wanted to know how to make people’s weight loss journey easier: more from the weight loser’s perspective but also from the coach’s perspective. We […]

“You are FAT”. Offensive or not? 7 Squaddies speak

Phew… We hit the streets like Reporters on this one. We wanted to find out how people react to the term FAT. I recall one time my neighbor said that to me. I had gained some nice “breastfeeding weight” which I didnt gain all through pregnancy so that morning, on my way to the gym […]

5 Questions with… Linda A

So, we introduced this awesome segment right here on the blog called 5 QUESTIONS WITH… Here we ask a former Squaddie 5 questions on her weight loss and healthy living goals. We kicked off with the ever-bubbly Rosemond @rossiedarl in the UK and today we are in Australia with Linda… 1. How the weight gain […]

Team #FitFam and PROUD ABOUT IT!!!

Hey yawl, Welcome to a new month and a brand-new week. June is my FAVE month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month, and I am celebrating my birthday this year with my Stay At Home moms. Find details on my personal Eziaha Dotcom blog here … Today though, […]