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Today on the blog is SHOW OFF day haha

So We kicked off our 2021 coaching with #Hygiano on Sunday, January 31st and it’s being a blast!

#Hygiano Squaddies have been pushing hard steadily for 10days and honestly I’m impressed at the momentum they’ve garnered, literally bringing in their A-game.

And Every single Squaddie has several heart warming wins to show for their consistency and discipline within those 10 days Ranging from scale wins, to inches to several significant private non scale Wins and face and clavicle transformation.

Let’s jump right into it…

Yay to turning down unhealthy food temptations and consistent workouts. Super well done mama??????#JesusGirlsFitness

2 kgs down, 2 inches off the waist and hips, victory over noodles in the past 10 days, kimmon ???? #JesusGirlsFitness #Hygiano

Check out this Squaddie’s private wins alongside her face and clavicle transformation

My face looks slimmer and I’ve started seeing some neck bones too. Some dresses that are tighter and uncomfortable for me to wear are now free for me. I ironed a shirt and pant trouser to wear to farm one day, it’s been a while I’ve worn them and few hours to my day, I went home to change because the clothes were too loose that I looked somehow.

YASS ?? healthy and fit on the inside, glowing skin on the outside ? #JesusGirlsFitness #Hygiano

Yes to trying out New healthier food option??

We ain’t done yet babyyy

Read these #Hygiano Squaddie testimonies further

All my clothes are loose. There’s this dress I made for myself just this year. I wore it on the first Sunday of the year. I make my clothes really tight.
I wore it again on Sunday and I was embarrassed
?. The shoulder kept falling off. There’s one other one I made in 2019. I used to be almost unable to breathe in it. It now has plenty space.

And another one

My favourite black trouser I wear everyday is getting loose – it feels really slack

My face is looking smaller and I feel stronger and I don’t crave rubbish food anymore, Hallelujah!!

Let’s also see how some Squaddies’ private wins includes their families

A Fitfam wife wins hubby over into her healthy meals, YASS???? #Hygiano #JesusGirlsFitness

Another Squaddie shares……

Besides the almost 4kg I dropped I’m visibly slimmer than when I newly joined The Sqad

I get to wear my old fave jeans and underwears again that I haven’t worn in over a year,???? All Hubby’s jeans and shorts I used to wear are now very loose on me so they are free at last?
I recently tried on some overly tight panties that I abandoned and they fit nicely.

I’m more conscious of I and my family’s meals and I’m more active and fitter. Costipation and bloating gone forever, thank God

Yes God is VERY interested in your weight as He empowers you to do the right things consistently ??#NonScaleWins #Hygiano #JesusGirlsFitness

We also have these private wins of significant lifestyle changes. Read on…..

Fitting into old clothes, better hydration and exercise for the first time in years????? #JesusGirlsFitness #Hygiano

Building Stamina Steadily with daily workouts ?? #Hygiano #JesusGirlsFitness

I’m so excited with all this private wins. It’s clear that Fitfam is steadily gaining deep roots and becoming a lifetime culture for our amazing Squaddies

And one last one, just check out this 10day tummy blasting transformation

Wow! Winning the battle over fat steadily ???? #JesusGirlsFitness #Hygiano

And this transformation picture of the folds in the back steadily reducing, just in 10days

Back folds steadily reducing, just in 10 days #Hygiano #JesusGirlsFitness

Just amazing, this Hygiano coaching season, honestly.

Onboarding for the second Hygiano coaching session for the year opens NEXT WEEK and kicks off Sunday, 21st of Feb.

The time to sign up is NOW as we close it Friday before.

If you are ready to leave fat behind, and bring healthy back, Hygiano is ALL YOU NEED especially if you need the daily accountability

If you however just need a diet guide customized for your life, health, and spirituality (Daniel fasts, and more), then come through with Hadaccah

Oh, and if you got your diet on lockdown but working out is a hassle, then YomGum mornings are your plug, cos you get to work out with me EVERY SINGLE morning 6 days a week, for almost nothing

This year, we are ALL winning on ALL FRONTS and it is my joy, pleasure and honor to help you WIN with a healthier lifestyle, body and spirit

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God bless and God’s best

With all my weekend ??

Your CoachE’

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