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Break the Rules, Baby. Jesus Approves

I had been tracking my hubby with phone calls and he kept saying he was coming. He sha returned late with a SURPRISE. Grilled catfish. Let me tell you, I LOVE catfish… In catfish peppersoup, I am PRESENT In well spiced and then air-fried catfish delicacy, I am chief CHEF.

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Accountability and Weight loss

So, I wanna share a quick story on accountability and planning… I came into 2020 ready to begin a Flexitarian diet. I had done my research and due diligence and was good to go. Please google to get more info on the flexi diet. For the pace at which I

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Make HEALTHY obvious, Make UNHEALTHY scarce

I have come to learn a few things about myself since CoachE’Squad launched. Aside the fact that I am WAYYYYY crazier than I have always thought (yikes), I actually FOR REAL am into this fitfam life for REAL REAL. Like I bleed FITFAM. I bleed GREEN. I am every day

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Why I QUIT on my 5kg weight loss journey

Hey fit fam Gosh, how is January speeding by and at the same time so long?? I feel like I’ve spent 72 days already but at the same time, I’m convinced the month needs to slow all the way down Anyways, I’m excited at all the Lord is doing in

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Rocking your bump with a Birth ball

I had seen the birthing ball a couple of times, both on TV and Magazines and I thought it was for ‘Oyibo people’, as I mostly saw it on foreign media. Even when it found its way into my local gym, I hardly ever saw it used by anyone. I

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Waist Trainers, Post-partum Belts and More

When using a belt after delivery, make sure it is a ‘post-partum belt’ and not just a waist trainer. A post-partum belt is usually held fast with Velcro, sometimes double Velcro, properly supporting the tender abdomen. Five months after having my first child, I still had a big tummy that

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