The parable of the ten virgins is one of the most popular parables in the scriptures and of course we all know why. It has such profound lessons that you can apply to all of life. In this particular blog, I want to share how you can apply it to your health, wellness and weight loss journey and if you are wondering how Eziaha? Five virgins foolish? five virgins wise?weight loss? Healthy living? Make it make sense! No worries! By the time I am down, you’ll be like awwwnnn, I am definitely a wise virgin. The choice is yours, are you going to be among the wise five or the foolish five? I am making a decision and a choice for you, you are going to be among the five wise virgins!

Like I said earlier, we are going to be talking about the virgins, five of them wise and five of them foolish. Remember all of them were virgins, all of them have the potential to go with the bride groom into the party, all of them were chosen because apparently there were people who were not chosen.

So, five of them are going and they were like ‘let’s just put oil in our lamps and go’ and the other five were like we are going to put oil in our lamp but we are going to take extra, just in case’. I am too sure, because of the way human beings are, that some people looked at these ones that decided to inconvenient themselves in carrying extra and was like ‘Your own is too much, is it not just wedding we are going to, when we get there the bridegroom will come, we’ll do the wedding and we’ll leave.’ I am too sure, Don’t you think so?

But they didn’t listen. They still carried the oil in the lamp and extra oil just in case. Then what happens? Nobody saw it coming, the bridegroom delays! He must have delayed for a long time because they fell asleep. Then all of a sudden, piiiimmmm! They bridegroom is here, get up, trim your lamps and let’s go into the party. Of course the oil is out in the five foolish virgins lamp but the five wise ones? That was the time to pour in the extra oil and they go happily. And the five foolish virgins missed out of the entire party because the door is locked on them. If only they took extra oil.

Now, which one is better, is it the pain of the discipline it took to take extra oil or the pain that they experienced from losing out of the party.

Now, let’s bring it over to weight loss. The truth is for the virgins they didn’t know whether the bridegroom will delay or not. The five wise ones may have oil that they never used because the party starts, bridegroom is on time but for us now we know that our health is an epidemic. Junk is a pandemic.

And people are literally dying because of their food choices or suffering a poor quality of life at best because of their food choices. So, there’s an health crisis, it’s not coming, it’s here already. We are feeling it, we are not unaware. We are not unsure, we know that it’s here.

So if the foolish virgins knew that the bridegroom will delay, they’d have gotten extra oil. There’s a health crisis and some of us are just feeling ok, after all I am not sick and my body is ok you say. You don’t know all these thing just by looking at the person outside. You have to take extra caution. Listen, there’s a health crisis and the Bible says that people who are prudent can foresee danger coming (Proverbs 22:3 NLT) and it’s going to get worse as a result of consumption of junk and all what not.

There’s a certain inconveniencing ,burden and responsibility to being proactive and prudent. It’s solving a problem before it occurs and it involves going the extra mile. Everybody reacts but only the wise ones are proactive. It’s running when there’s no physical sign of danger. – Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

That is what it means to be proactive. So, I want to give you the permission to be extra. Now, here are three things I want you to be extra about :

  1. Please be extra about your awareness of yourself. Even the basic! Just get a scale please. Please do not get a manual scale, get an electronic scale. There’s no adult who should not have an electronic scale. I said more about it here.
  2. ⁠Be proactive about packing your lunch and water everywhere you go! Now, of course you can’t pack your food everyday but for the most days. Pack your food so that you are not tempted to eat crap outside consistently. Learn more here.
  3. ⁠Be extra about exercising. You need your body to be physically strong and exercise is one of the ways to build a lot of strength in your physical body is exercising.

Sometimes, you are the only one in a group but trust me you are inspiring others. Watch this video where I share lot more about this.

Let me leave you with this, please take care of yourself and your children. Thank you for watching, you wise beautiful virgin.

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