5 questions, 5 squaddies…..The weight loss journey so far

Hey Fitfam Another set of our Hygiano squaddies hit the 20Day mark recently and as our custom is we decided to ask them some questions on their journey so far Grab a chair, your fave smoothie and relax cos this blog post is so enlightening, trust me These are the questions we asked them ? […]

Still winning: More RESULTS are in ??

Hey Fitfam QueenO is here!!!! Happy Friday people and this Friday is extra special because I’m bringing you progress reports from our Hygiano squaddies I’m so excited, I can’t sit still ?????? At CoachE’s #JesusGirlsFitness, we track progress in 5 different ways and it is such a joy to help our squaddies see so many […]

4 Squaddies 5 Questions : Our HYGIANO journey so far

Hello Fitfam We decided to run an interview with a few of our current squaddies after they reached the 20day mark with us. Here are the questions we asked them? First “I don’t believe this” moment As in what was the first thing that shocked you about yourself, the program, the coach, the squaddies… when […]

What PROGRESS looks like at #JesusGirlsFitness

Hey Fitfam, Happy Friday. Today on the blog is SHOW OFF day haha So We kicked off our 2021 coaching with #Hygiano on Sunday, January 31st and it’s being a blast! #Hygiano Squaddies have been pushing hard steadily for 10days and honestly I’m impressed at the momentum they’ve garnered, literally bringing in their A-game. And […]

A Higher Why & Victories beyond the scale figures

 Hey Fitfam, Well, because I am writing this on a Monday, I feel like it is only right to say ‘Happy New week’ lol. So Happy new week, Fitfam. And if you are new to the fitfam lifestyle, ah, super welcome to the best days ahead. Maybe that is why I am so excited; because […]