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This time around we wanted to know how to make people’s weight loss journey easier: more from the weight loser’s perspective but also from the coach’s perspective. We asked 7 Squaddies and these are some of the answers they came up with.

It’s super exciting! I know that it will be an exciting read.

So grab something healthy, grab some water and enjoy.

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Let us hear from our amazing Squaddies.

We begin with Dolapo who had a few things to say:

Dolapo shares her opinion…

Preparing one’s meals ahead of time is something I have found very useful. It eliminates impulsive eating and eating the wrong things when hunger shows up.”

It is party season and it really doesn’t make sense to lose all the mileage gained in just a few days of the holiday.

“When attending parties, plan ahead, have your meal at home, pack your salad or fruits just in case you don’t get a FitFam meal at the party.

Maintain your consistency. ”

Love how she ended… Maintain your consistency. I’ve always rang it out that CONSISTENCY is a MAJOR tool for weight loss, as in life generally.

Edna shares from both the client and the coach’s perspective

The client

“Weight loss like any other program in life involves GOALS and the MEANS to achieving them.

First define your goal… That could be keeping fit, getting healthier, improving self-worth and admiration, or maybe to fight a particular health challenge.

Next, your HOW…

Any particular diet? Fad or not. Or just portion control?

Whatever the MEANS one chooses to engage, the winning words are;

            1.        Consistency

            2.        Determination

            3.        Endurance

            4.        Discipline

            5.        Focus! Focus!! FOCUS!!!

            6.        Faith and belief in the process

And of course PATIENCE.                              

One of the worst attitudes to weight loss is to start looking for results too early.

If you decide to engage a weight loss coach, communication is key. Communicate your desires and goals…

From the Coach’s perspective…

“As a coach, being emotionally intelligent is key.

Know your client’s peculiar needs, mental state, biological frame and more. It’s hardly a one size fits all affair.

If a Coach categorizes her clients, then she would minimize waste while optimizing time.”

Don’t you just love the detailed response? Love what she said about the mental state of clients among others.

Let’s hear from Melodie…

Losing weight is HARD.”

“One thing I can say is (and this is me reaffirming to myself) to keep at it. While I was working out yesterday, I kept telling myself, I can do this.

So I think, it is primarily the heart. If one’s heart is in it, one will get there eventually.

Also listen to your coach and follow the instructions as closely as possible.

Personally, even with a busy travel schedule, I’ve had to make adjustments and stop excuses.

When I had to travel again, I told myself to look at what had been presented and go for what helps my results on the menu.”

Truly, the weight loss battle is first won in the heart…

Let’s hear from Kofo…

“First, God Almighty.

The Bible says l can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil. 4.19.

“Being constantly held accountable by a Coach is very key too. The Coach should also be mature and provide wise counsel at all times.

Then consistency is key, patience is vital, and exercising works wonders.

Also portion control and life style modifications are all essential parameters to hold on to on this journey.

Finally and most importantly, prayers also work wonders.”

Yes to accountability mehn!!! It’s very key. A lot of times, people KNOW what to do, they just need to be held accountable. Which is why accountability is a BIG DEAL for us at CoachE’Squad.

Let’s hear it from Judith… Even though we asked questions from a general point of view, she went personal but there are lessons to be picked here so I’ll let her roll.

“I’ve been on at least two (or three) other weight loss groups and yours is the only one that, so far, has “moved” me to actually strive to keep up. And yours is the first one, in about two years (and 3 different groups) where I’ve actually seen my scales move.

I think this largely is due to the fact that you are disciplined and expect your squaddies to be disciplined. You chase them to keep up. But I feel that eventually, the squaddies themselves need to be self disciplined and not be chased at all- and I’m speaking to and about myself here now.

How can weight loss be kept easy and sustainable?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I say this because I feel it’s more mental than physical. Like, the very same weight loss research you have conducted, I have done the same. I know what not to do and what to do. I’ve got texts, meal plans etc. I’ll write out how I intend to eat everyday and week, I’ve counted calories, weighed my food…… but still sort of fall back.

But I’ve done this before.

In the past, I think it was easier because things were in place to help me lose weight. I didn’t have a car and walked everywhere. In walking, I realized I was losing weight which motivated me to try eating clean. So I ate clean and walked everywhere and the weight fell off.

I don’t know if this would or can suffice as a formula but here it is­- just do some form of exercise and portion control.”

I love where she says that finally, squaddies have to learn discipline on their own. Yes, you have a Coach but the coach won’t be there forever so being your own coach is the game changer…

Next up, Omasan shares her opinion… She talks majorly to the Coach.

“I would say the Coach should ensure adequate checks and balances and support when needed.

Then the use of technology would also make the coaching experience better. For example,  the use of a mobile app. It can be used to gather and retain data for easier record keeping as opposed to manual. It could also be used to share meals and recipes. It could have helpful information to help encourage us along the way and finally it would have a social aspect to it where we can chat across groups and share best practices. You can even have a restricted section for alumni squaddies who are still on the grind and wish to provide support. Improved tech seems to be the only way I can think of a better or easier process. And this would also streamline your administration and might give you more coaching time with your squads.”

Gosh, my head was just spinning as I read this. Definitely  filing this. Sounds like a great idea to make coaching more efficient.

Let’s hear Adaobi’s response to this… As a medical professional, she had to THROW DOWN. I love it

Weight loser’s perspective

“There are four (4) things a weight loser needs to make this journey easier. They are;

1.        Adequate preparation should be made. Weight loss is more of a mind thing than a physical thing. That is why joining a support group is key.

2.        Making workouts a daily routine as opposed to every 2 days or when you have the strength. Like a ritual. Any day I miss workout it feels like I have sinned

3.        Staying true and accountable to a scary coach *intense laughter*

4.        Fluids: Water, green tea also helps keep your tummy full and drive hunger away.

The theoretical model of CHANGE has 6 stages:

Pre-contemplation- Here the individual isn’t ready to change or may not even know she has a weight problem or feels, “I’ve been like this from childhood so this is my stature.”

Contemplation- The individual knows there is a problem and wants to change. Jumping into the weight loss journey at this stage will yield little or no result.

Preparation-  Here the individual decides to change and is preparing e.g. buying healthy food, doing away with junk, buying a weighing scale, searching for a support group, scheduling counselling sessions.

Action – Here the individual takes action. This is where I am. *Grins*

Maintenance – The individual continues the new lifestyle for at least 5 years; Relapse – The individual relapses back to their old lifestyle ; Termination – she bails out.

In summary, preparing both spirit , soul and body makes it easier.”

Wow! What an exciting read this was.

I completely loved it. And I especially loved every person who spoke from the coach’s perspective because while it is the weight loser’s job to lose weight, the coach can help make the journey easier.

Do you have any other tips to help make weight loss easier? Because we know that weight loss can be hard. Do let us know by dropping a comment below. We always love to hear from you.

Till we come your way next time, remember to prioritize your HEALTH over and above CONVENIENCE.




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