I remember the first time I was pregnant… I knew by a missed period and implantation pain/cramps. Because my period is as regular and accurate as a Swiss clock, i didn’t even need a test to know. I already knew. The test confirmed and I was SUPER HAPPY. The first thing I checked OF COURSE was my EDD haha. It was Feb 20. My son would later come March 10!!! Insert REAL TEARS!!!

My pregnancy was what my Doctor called UNEVENTFUL… Absolutely no issues. The delivery though… Phew. Let me share to prevent teenage pregnancy lol. Ok let me not share until I do a #CEOriginal post of our first delivery experiences. I did gained a WORLD of weight which was why after I learned and applied, I lauched the SavedFitPregnant squad to help preggos rock their bump with some discipline

Ok enough of me. I spoke to four of my first time pregnant squaddies and gosh i LOVED reading their experiences…

Grab an apple, zobo and get comfy… Let’s dive in

Amaka launches this for us…

Hmm. Where do I start from.

The journey so far has been interesting.

I had evening sickness once I realized I was pregnant (I think my baby thinks we are in Canada). During the day I’m all bubbly and fun, once it is 6pm, it felt like my body didn’t belong to me from week 5-13. My prenatal pills made matters worse.
I was already team fit fam so eating right and working out is still on my to do list.

The best part of it all is the glow!! My skin never felt or looked better!!

I’m still getting used to the weight gain and belly, because for a long time now I’ve tried to be healthy. I have to tell myself daily you are pregnant not fat.

Advice from people too!!!

“Don’t workout”, “Don’t drink cold water”, “You will get very  fat!!”

Can we STOP already!! You can’t know more than my doctor.

Trimester two has been great so far. I’m sad to see it go but it brings me closer to meeting my baby.

Oooh I can workout, ZUMBA!. Insanity max 30, but you see staircase, it’s been a battle.

Yeah food aversions too… It was crazy during Trimester one. I couldn’t take beef, chicken, Turkey, fish just name it. I still can’t stand chicken. I hope this ends as soon as baby comes because how can I just live without chicken?

Ah one more thing!!!


From D to F and still growing!! I think all the weight on the scale is from my breast. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


This made me laugh so much. Her boobs are still growing. And yes, Amaka really LOVES working out. Makes my coach heart so happy. Plus she really glows. Gosh, aversion to chicken is hard. I also love chicken though these days I am vegan!

Ok let’s move on to Helen


As a first time pregnant woman, I would say that it’s been a beautiful journey, howbeit challenging. I am however grateful for the opportunity as I have always wanted to experience this.

Everyday I wake up to the realization of growing a life inside of me.

So far I have had no morning sickness, neither spitting nor vomiting. Occasionally I get tired and sleepy during the day, and I find myself unable to sleep at night. This is because of the limited sleeping positions.

Dealing with swollen feet after long hours of driving back from work, food aversions and more. Nevertheless, I look forward to meeting my child and lest I forget, literally want to get everything while baby shopping.

Can i confess that I literally FORGET my pregnancies in details after I give birth. I am trying hard to think of if I had sleeping probs but cannot for the life of me recall. 

This morning, someone asked me when the best time to shop when pregnant is and I said I may not be the best to answer as for me, funds was an issue so i shopped as money came. Overbuying was hardly the case for me, though as a FTMom, you definitely would buy a few things that are useless. These manufacturers know how to tug at our ‘mommy heart’ haha

Ok now Bimbo shares her experience and this one is a real testimony…

Being a first time mum is definitely what I expected. Sure I was excited when I learnt I was pregnant, especially when I waited a while before trying. And when I started trying again it didn’t happen immediately, so you can imagine my joy when I missed my period and then confirmed with a blood test.

At first I started reading anything I could find about pregnancy what to and not to do. I was happy I didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms, until my breast started hurting and the bloating and constipation I experienced was not in this world. I was so uncomfortable, then the nausea kicked in and I hated the feeling because it was constant. I hardly vomited but the nausea was bad. Then l had a permanently blocked nose that made sleeping difficult, I was not watching what I ate, I just ate to stop the nausea feeling.

It was then I decided to join the ‘Preggo squad’ just so I could have control over myself and join other expectant mums to learn. But I wasn’t ready to be committed, honestly because of the constant discomfort I was feeling.

Fast forward to when I almost lost the baby, I thought the world would end. Despite the discomfort, I wasn’t ready to lose something I wanted badly. After treatment, Doctors said to me “take it easy, don’t stress yourself”, I listened and also said to myself that I would take the preggo squad seriously too. I haven’t regretted that decision for one day.

I feel much better, lighter, healthier, I don’t workout (doctors orders), but eating right alone produced excellent results. I still feel uncomfortable once in a while and have pains (for some other reasons), the flu reduced overtime, I got rid of my love for sugar. I feel much better than I did before. However I Can’t wait for the baby to come out so that I can be myself again.

Would I want to experience pregnancy again?

Definitely I would; but honestly not anytime soon, except God says otherwise.

So far I think it’s important to eat healthy, take things easy, if you were a super woman before pregnancy (I was), just remember you are now carrying a life and you might need to slow down. This was my story. Some other mum might keep being a super woman without any effect on her pregnancy but please do you.

Its also important not to compare yourself with other expectant mums, as I believe that the experience is different for each mum.

Thirdly, if you feel like you don’t have the discipline when it comes to food (I didn’t) , please join a support group so you can stay accountable for your choices.
Finally, I have learned the importance of God and confessing God’s word over myself and my baby (I learned this in my preggo squad).

Gosh, i recall the day she almost lost her baby. My heart broke in pieces and I kept praying and telling God we cannot afford this but thank God it was a failed miscarriage. She cannot work out in pregnancy but she really does well to follow the Nutrition plan and she has lost more than 5kg since she joined us. Of course, it was not intentional but sometimes, when you clean up your diet, you actually lose the (bad) weight. Her Doctor says there is no issue with her weight loss as baby is fine.  I love her being in the Squad cos I think she really needed it… No need fighting alone


Let’s end with our in-house Model. I thought I was a star as I gained 5kg by week 30

but Kay here had gained maybe ZERO KG by week 30. Gosh, she is the epitome of ‘bump only pregnancy’

It’s been an amazing Journey. Totally different, but in a good way.

From the moment I first found out that I was pregnant to every other thing, totally different. Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with morning sickness, which most women go through. Before I conceived, I prayed to God for an amazing pregnancy experience and so far it has been wonderful.

Initially I had low PCV, didn’t know that I apparently had to stock up on iron once pregnant. Not a doctor, but I was told it helps to boost ones blood volume. That was the only thing I had to deal with out of the ordinary.

Sometimes I’m tired but I still exercise as a pregnant woman. I do workouts a minimum of 30 mins a day. However, it is subject clearance from your doctor. Even when I’m tired, I still try to get myself active.

I remember the first time I heard the baby’s heartbeat, it was an emotional moment for me. The thought of you knowing that someone is growing inside you, seeing the first scan, seeing your baby, it is all very exciting.

One thing that almost drives me crazy is that I google EVERYTHING. Anything I feel is out of the ordinary, I check it up on google. And it’s not like it helps, because it can bring out worst case scenarios. But then Google has been like a best friend to me during this period.

Also, contrary to what people think about pregnant women being ‘overly emotional’, I have been okay. Don’t think I’ve had any mood swing or craziness. It has just been amazing watching my body change from my slender model slaying body to a big pot belly in front of me.


It’s just been amazing, from the first kick. I remember when my baby first kicked, it was weird, I was at work on that day. I jumped up from my seat, causing everyone to ask “What is the problem?”. They didn’t understand, I had never felt anything like that before. First time was weird, but now I’ve gotten used to it. I get excited when I feel the baby kick.

My advice to first time moms or soon to be first time moms is to take things easy, eat right, don’t eat for two(eat enough), drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables, try to stay active (not necessarily work out).

Approaching my third trimester now. I’m not scared about labor cause I’m taking things easy and trusting for strength to birth my baby. And I know i shall have what I decree.
Your confessions are important, that is why you must confess positive things during your pregnancy and even make positive declaration over the child in your womb. Speak contrary to what man says over your health.

I’m definitely doing this again, all the attention has been amazing. My husband cooks and pampers. Well enjoy while it last, cause I hear when the baby comes all that changes.

Lastly, as a first time mom there is always this tendency to over shop. It is important to ask questions. Thankfully I’m in a group for pregnant women who have similar/same values and views as me. So it helps us stay accountable. There are second time moms as well in the group, so I asked for a baby shopping list. What that has helped me to do is stream line my shopping, to only the things I need.
Get advice from people and decide what best works for YOU.

Best way to end this right? Yes ooo, her hubby spoils her but I doubt it will end with delivery.  And who else stays away from Google? Lol. I did abeg. I couldnt stand the worst cases it brought up. Make sure though that even if you have to google, like Kay said, confess the Word over what any man or google says. That is the balance

This was awesome right?

I loved it. And i am loving the #CEOriginals series. So far we have done

You are too skinny 

Reasons why we quit on our weight loss journey

And if you click the links, you can read real life people share their experiences


Have any suggestion for us? Do let us know.


And hey preggos, dont forget to rock that bump with some discipline!!!!

Which is why our SavedFit&Preggo squad is really for you. My preggos are not about that ‘eat for two and gain too much weight’ life. They are slaying in pregnancy thanks to all the checks we put in place for them

You are welcome to join us by sending an email to or whatsapp to 09055868614

So much love.


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  1. I have always wanted to join the squad but coach e has not said anything about us that are 7-5 wives and moms….I hear testimonies and need one myself bkus my weight is part of the reason I have been having still births….. Plsssssss coach e help me…. Tnk u…

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