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Our 2021 Coaching: Hygiano & Hadaccah

Ah finally finally, we kick off our coaching program for 2021!!!


This is LATEST time we are kicking off in the New Year since I began coaching 4 years ago, but this was FOR GOOD, as we wanted to upgrade our WHOLE ENTIRE coaching experience.

The goal is NOT for you to lose weight anymore, it is to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF forever, so we have been researching, learning, training, strategizing, praying and now with the help of God, we have come up with this BREAKTHROUGH program



Healthy in Body, STRONG in spirit,

This comes wholesale from 3 John 2 NLT and this is our GOAL for you.

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.

3 John 2 NLT

For now, we would be offering this ONLY to ladies who want to lose weight.

We put a pause on our Nursing Mama and Preggo program FOR NOW, to focus on this.

So, what do you expect from Hygiano?

1. Premium coaching, whether private or group coaching. We are giving our 100million percent and would be demanding same from you, via whatsapp, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

2. A 40-day Nutrition guide and Coaching calendar, which features lifestyle and food challenges too every 10days, recipes and a detox plan

3. Our onboarding arsenals which include our Fun sheet, Squaddie form, Emotional eating tests, BMI calculator, exclusive welcome video from CoachE’, soft copy of Joyce Meyer’s “GOOD HEALTH GOOD LIFE,” and more.

4. Our 40-day #JesusGirlsFitness Devotional for FREE daily, which also has confessions, scriptures and Greek/Hebrew word topics daily. This would also be open for purchase for those outside the squad, but details to follow on that.

5. Live workout sessions on weekdays, plus downloadable links to videos you can do at home


Oh, we will also have squad fasting days, bible studies, webinars, interviews, fun challenges and more, which you will all see in the FunSheet.

Literally, we are GIVING 10BILLION percent for this one, demanding the same and winning FAT forever!!!

Oh and you may choose to be in the coaching squads on whatsapp or not.

If you opt to be held accountable to coaching by us, the fun sheet has ALL the information you need.

This program also works for those in diaspora AND anyone with a health challenge that needs to fight back with a healthy diet and lifestyle. You could choose a group coaching program, or a private coaching one.

So, holler at us and let’s get crushing FAT, as together we get Hygiano: HEALTHY IN BODY, and STRONG IN SPIRIT

09055868614 Whatsapp Email


We go in 40days stretches though you can renew after every 40days.

Also, I have something for Queens, who don’t want to necessarily lose weight, but instead live a healthy lifestyle and completely upgrade their diet.


I love how the Bible says of Esther (Hadaccah) that she, and the other virgins, were given a SPECIAL MENU

Hegai was very impressed with Esther and treated her kindly. He quickly ordered a special menu for her and provided her with beauty treatments…

Esther 2 v 9a NLT

I mean, this is in preparation for an earthly king, how much more we that are brides of Christ. You want to take care of your Temple, by feeding it REAL food and not crap.

This also works for

  • Moms who want to feed their families better, so we help with ‘family friendly’ nutrition plans
  • Brides who want to start their homes on a healthy note. Yaaaaas!!!
  • Those with health challenges, though this would require further consultation for some kind of challenges.
  • And just everyone who wants to do better, that is YOU!!!

There are no coaching squads with HADACCAH. Instead together, we come up with a 21-day plan that you can repeat as long as you want, that suits your lifestyle. And you can start this process at any time. Just email or whatsapp 09055868614 or

It takes us 3 to 5 working days to come up with your HADACCAH plan, except we are dealing with a peculiar health challenge

So, please, be my helper and share with your community. I am so excited to get as many women free from fat forever, but I need your help to reach more women.

Thanks in advance, and if you are coming on board, the first HYGIANO squad kicks off Sunday, Jan 31, and registration closes Friday.

But there will be more kick off Sundays in the course of the year. Here are some sure dates below…

  • January 31
  • February 21
  • March 7
  • And more

For any of the programs, you may pay into our account and send proof of payment to whatsapp or email. We will hit you up and we go from there. Registration closes Friday before Program begins for Hygiano!!!

CoachE’Squad Ltd.



And for diaspora, please hit us on whatsapp for our American details.

I look forward to rocking 2021 with YOU and without FAT or ILL-HEALTH!!!


Eziaha (CoachE’)

Healthy in Body, Strong in Spirit

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