Our 2021 Coaching: Hygiano & Hadaccah

Ah finally finally, we kick off our coaching program for 2021!!! DRUM ROLL and CONFETTIs please This is LATEST time we are kicking off in the New Year since I began coaching 4 years ago, but this was FOR GOOD, as we wanted to upgrade our WHOLE ENTIRE coaching experience. The goal is NOT for you to […]

Diss FAT Dis-Ember with CoachE’… Details on my Diaspora weightloss program

Hey guys So, you are probably here cos you wanna know more about our DIASPORA weight loss coaching program tagged DISS FAT DIS-Ember!!! Yay. I am SO EXCITED for it because I think Diasporans have even more reason to comply to a HEALTHY meal plan, and all the processes it entails because Availability of all […]