Hey guys

So, you are probably here cos you wanna know more about our DIASPORA weight loss coaching program tagged DISS FAT DIS-Ember!!!

Yay. I am SO EXCITED for it because I think Diasporans have even more reason to comply to a HEALTHY meal plan, and all the processes it entails because

  1. Availability of all kinds of fruits and veggies and foods at a cheap rate,
  2. NO LIGHT issues so you can actually meal prep and store. Like, you can even store salads. That’s super cool


Oge inspires me

So, with this program, what do you get?

  1. Location based CUSTOMIZED meal plans.

Now this is EVERYTHING to aid compliance. Once you KNOW that the meals on your plan are stuff you actually don’t mind eating, and are easily available and accessible to you, then you would truly be able to follow the plan and then get RESULTS!!! Of course, you don’t expect to have pizza and unhealthy foods on the plan cos you like it. Remember the goal is still WEIGHT LOSS so we must note that in our creating the plans for you to follow. There would be a BALANCE so you ENJOY the JOURNEY and then get RESULTS!!!

  1. Home based workouts

I understand that sometimes the weather and the cost of Gym membership is not smiling lol, so we will provide a wide variety of home-based workout videos that you can do right in your living room or any space available. But hey, if you are a Gym or outdoor Chick, we will also have workouts for you. In all, we will make sure that your workout experience is exciting and satisfying, and above all yields you RESULTS

  1. Community and Accountability

This one is really key to weight loss. You need a SQUAD to run with, and even better when that Squad is also on the same grind as you so that you can draw strength from one another, and hopefully even build friendships too, especially if someone is living in your area. Plus, accountability from CoachE’. I wont just let you slack or fall away. I will so follow up with you that you may start thinking I live in the same house as you. Simply put, we are about to be BEST FRIENDS for the purpose of your goal… WEIGHT LOSS!!!

Post surgery weight loss

And the BONUS,

14 DAY Arm and Abs workout routine. Eskiss me sis, is there someone who doesn’t want that kinds Michelle Obama Guns? I mean, who is NOT tired of Christian mama arms??? And pleas, which chick is not here for ABS? Waist snatched and everything?

Sis, I gotcha!!! We are not just gon’ be losing weight, I also wanna help you tone those arms, and snatch that waist too so that you look overall like the MILLION DOLLAR SUPER HOT SEXY MAMA Chick that you so desire.

I personally HATE carrying any extra luggage around and FAT can be extra luggage so let’s help you make sure it is DROPPED before we get into the New Year!!!

For just $100, you get all this and then RESULTS!!!

So how do you pay?

If you are in the US or have a US account, Zelle is an option. Or I will send you my Bank of America details and you pay in. Unfortunately, my PayPal is not working, so the other option is MONEYGRAM. I really don’t wanna accept Naira payments/equivalent, but if push comes to shove and we have to, the exchange rate may be higher than normal.

Ok so let’s get cracking guys.

And oh, if you sign up as a group of 3, you get a discount and pay $250 only!!!

I know, I am feeling very Christmasy already. You are welcome

How to sign up?

Please holler vis WhatsApp or send me a mail

We kick off Sept 2, and we run up until Saturday Dec 15, so you can choose any convenient 10weeks in that window and join us. You must register AT LEAST A WEEK to when you chose to start though.

Let’s do this guys. I look forward to being a part of your weight loss and ultimate body and mind transformation FOR GOOD!!!

Also note that this is for only NIGERIANS IN DIASPORA. Or at least you understand Nigerian meals even if not Nigerian as the meal plans will have Nigerian meals that you have access to in your location

And if you are not in diaspora but know anyone who may need this, please share with them for me. You would be helping them, and I would really appreciate it



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