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Welcome to a new month and a brand-new week. June is my FAVE month of the year for the obvious reason of it being my birth month, and I am celebrating my birthday this year with my Stay At Home moms.

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Today though, I am here to celebrate my fitfam people. Let me tell you guys. If anyone deserves accolades, those living the fitfam life do!!!

The crazy thing is that I am now beginning to see that in sometimes subtle, and sometime blatant ways, people are starting to attack us, making it look like our own is too much, it is not practical/realistic, it is boring/not fun, we are not enjoying life, and so on.

My sister, I am PROUDLY TEAM FITFAM and I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE being food disciplined, nourishing my body with everything that goes in, living a life of BALANCE enjoying treats at the right times, saying NO at parties/event/gatherings when I would rather NOT eat what is being served, drinking water instead of ‘JUICE’, being careful of what my kids eat, and so on. I am not only enjoying it, I am also PROUD of it.

I recall TWO Doctors, with whom I was having random conversations say to me (at different points) that I should better allow my kids eat ‘all the junk’ and not do this my ‘fitfam thing’ with them ooo. Trust me, I answered them VERY WELL.

My kids, my rules ehn!!!

Keep your advice for your patients.

And I see stuff like that a whole lot. People attacking you for your fitfam lifestyle. They make you look like you are just boring, your own is too much, you are anti-social, etx. God help you if you are now trying to lose weight, so you are eating clean and your results are not obvious YET, they make funny remarks about how despite all your effort, you are still fat. Then let them now catch you having an occasional treat, or even on a bad day of just eating rubbish, they remind you of how they told you your fitfam lifestyle won’t last, etx.

My sister, don’t even let that deter you AT ALL!!!

Fitfam rocks like I don’t know what, and even if you have a couple of bad days, don’t let those remarks get to you. If your results are seemingly slow, keep at it and still be proud. Even if you are struggling with it, keep putting in those efforts and picking yourself up when you fall PROUDLY!!!

If you have lived a life of eating anyhow, making that transition is hard, and I am quick to tell my Squaddies that, so I am REALLY UPSET when I see all these attacks on something that people NEED ALL the encouragement for.

Which is why I am here to encourage you, and ALWAYS WILL!!!

If you are trying to lose weight and so found the fitfam life, YOU SHOULD BE DAMN PROUD even if your journey has not been perfect.

If you just want to live a healthier life for today and especially tomorrow, and so became Team fitfam, gosh YOU SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF YOURSELF.

If you are saying NO more than you are saying YES to people’s offerings to you because 92% of the time, it is so damn unhealthy, SAY THE NO proudly, and don’t even over explain yourself. NO, with a smile is a COMPLETE statement. Sometimes the WHY they are asking you is to look for a way to critique you even more.

If you are a mom trying to make wiser and healthier choices for your home, I AM APPLAUDING YOU as you take those steps. Cos like my post said, IF MOMS GET IT RIGHT, THE WHOLE FAMILY GETS IT RIGHT!!!

How PROUD you should be that what is coming out of your kitchen is not just feeding but NOURISHING your family. My sister, BE VERY PROUD. If you stopped your babies from having these packaged drinks in their school lunch box and you decide to give them water, or fresh juices, my sister, don’t let anyone tell you your own is too much ooo. Your own is JUST PERFECT so you should BE PROUD!!!

If you have decided to cut out XYZ from your life and play for team fitfam, so you eat brown bread instead of white, you don’t eat animal protein anymore (like me), you do smoothies instead of ‘mineral’, you order salads when you go out instead of fried rice and chicken, my sister, DO NOT LET ANYONE SHAME you for it, You made a HARDER yet HEALTHIER and BETTER choice, so please throw their shaming back at them and WEAR YOUR PRIDE WELL.

If you have made major lifestyle changes to incorporate workouts into your life, like waking up earlier or sleeping later so you can work out, cutting back some expenses so you can pay for a gym, a coach, w personal trainer, or buy a certain workout equipment or clothing, or whatever sacrifice you are making, PLEASE BE PROUD my sister. It is NOT easy but look at you making an effort. Wow!!! ROCKSTAR YOU!!!

And just to make it VERY CLEAR, it is A-OK to wake up at 3am or 4am to work out!!! Very very very OK!!! I will do that and BE PROUD ABOUT IT!!!

Every sacrifice you make to lead a healthier life is VERY OK no matter what anyone says or how unpopular it is!!!

I know how these little sometimes flippantly said words can sap strength from someone trying so hard to stay on the fitfam grind. Majority of the world are leading lives without boundaries, so they eat what they like and how they like it, and don’t engage in much physical activity. If you are not attacking them, then they SHOULD not attack you!!!

So, I also challenge you to be INTENTIONAL about finding your encouragers. I am so thankful for friends who REALLY encouraged me on my grind when I started trying to lose weight. They clapped and cheered every time I posted a work out pix or my clean eating. But there were some whose words came close to draining me. They would say things like

‘…don’t kill yourself ooo, take it easy ooo, it is not that serious na, don’t mind herm she won’t eat this, she is ‘forming fitfam’, she is ‘doing weight loss’, she go soon taya…’

Said casually but can be deadly for someone really struggling.

And finally, my sister, EVEN IF YOU FALL, or have a BAD DAY, it still doesn’t mean you should be any less proud or entertain their I TOLD YOU SO!!!


Pick yourself back up and KEEP IT GOING ON THE FITFAM TRAIN. You are doing amazing and YOU DESERVE ALL THE ACCOLADES for keeping it REAL FITFAM TIGHT!!!

You rock!!!

I will see my Preggos on Wednesday with a beautiful article.

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Love, Light and Strength





As I wrote this article, I recalled when I used to think Heather Lindsey’s own was too much. If you follow her, you will know just how PROUDLY TEAM FITFAM she is. And carries her family along for the ride.

One day I commented on her page that if she could, she would make her family’s water herself and she said yes lol. I was low key irritated though, cos she had YET AGAIN come to tell us store bought XYZ was bad so make your own or GROW your own lol. She even said she was raising her kids to be vegan. But now that I look back, I see that I was low-key jealous and wished I could be that intentional, and her she was even upping the game, while I was not even on the field at all. Today, I am thankful for all she shares cos she is such a HUGE INSPIRATION for me as a mom to make sure my kids are eating clean. And even now that I am low-key vegan (for under 2 months now of no animal protein), she really is a huge inspiration for me. My jealously turned to inspiration. GO FIGURE!!!

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  1. You have rightly expressed your very much firm and needed stance on health and fitness. Obviously many people in Naija think everyone who appears fit is suffering or ‘forming’ like they say. Unfortunately, there is a cultural element to this – believing that fat people are living well (SMH to such mentality). Such pple probably hardly understand the importance of BMI (another SMH to those doctors). All these pple don’t understand the tenacity needed to succeed even in the most mondane things in Naija – I’m reminded of Daniel who requested of the Eunuchs, vegetable and water…. Chai! What a determined fellow :). Anyway, all these pple need to travel out of the country to understand that being fat is an issue; a big problem at that – prompting several research into obesity! And yes before I forget, many men don’t really like it when their women become sack of flour! Usually, they love to still be able to hold their women and play with them aven after having several children so please wake up women and pay attention to your looks so you can keep your men happy and be an overall health champion for your family. Fitfam, abeg carry on o jare.

    1. Looool my boo came to draw blood. You are right tho. It took some research into this thing to realise the it is a BIG DEAL

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