High Powered Blender OR a Food Processor? Which do I invest in first

I got this question from a Squaddie and I wanted to bring the answer to my online FitFamily Hello Coach, Please which would you recommend: A high-powered blender or a food processor? I want something I can use to blend nuts into butter and milk, beans to paste and dry mill blending. Hello my sweet […]

5 Questions with BRIDGET

Hey Fit-Squad, That’s how I woke up one morning to these pictures on my phone. I was like ‘shuo, who is this babe with a snatch waist and everything…?’ Turns out she was thanking me for my coaching and sharing her new size and pictures with me. I asked for her BEFORE pictures and I […]

5 Questions with Anuli

Happy Monday, Fit-Squad, This week, I thought we should kick things off with this super beautiful Squaddie of mine, Anuli Chikezie. She was so stressless to coach and the best part was that she came with results. I particularly love that for her, the weight gain just happened over time, not necessarily as a result […]

5 Questions with… PRECIOUS!!!

Hey yawl, I am so pumped to introduce precious to you as we share her success journey so far. I’ve known Presh for 3 years and this is like her 4th or so time with me. None has been as successful as this time around. Matter of days she has been with me for 6months […]

5 Questions with TOKE SALAMI

It’s a new week and the week before Christmas, but we are not slowing down on these fitfam streets, especially as the weight gain that happens at Christmas is EPIC!!! For the 9-5ers, I agree that the weight can come upon you if you are not careful… Free lunch at work, coupled with free food […]

5 Questions with EVELYN

Hey Darlings, Today I feature Evelyn Mesele all the way from Germany, and this weight loss story not only inspires me but also shocks me and excites me at all the possibilities that abound when we COMMIT to the process. Let’s hear it from her on 5 Questions with… 1. How the weight gain happened. […]

5 Questions with… Linda A

So, we introduced this awesome segment right here on the blog called 5 QUESTIONS WITH… Here we ask a former Squaddie 5 questions on her weight loss and healthy living goals. We kicked off with the ever-bubbly Rosemond @rossiedarl in the UK and today we are in Australia with Linda… 1. How the weight gain […]