It’s a new week and the week before Christmas, but we are not slowing down on these fitfam streets, especially as the weight gain that happens at Christmas is EPIC!!!

For the 9-5ers, I agree that the weight can come upon you if you are not careful… Free lunch at work, coupled with free food at trainings and co, then you are mostly sedentary all day behind a computer. The fact that you leave home early and come back late doesn’t even help matters. That was Toke Salami’s reality and then wham, all her cloths stopped fitting and she hollered at us. We helped her fight the weight and today we feature her success story on 5 Questions with…

PS: I love Toke’s fine full legs haha

1) How did the weight gain happen?

The weight gain happened as a result of my getting a new job. I use to work in a financial institution which involved so much stress physically and mentally, coupled with the fact that I wasn’t feeding well but then I changed job to a more interesting and convenient one. Lunch is served at work and sitting all day behind a computer made me relaxed and boom!! the weight came upon me… Lolest.

2) What triggered your desire to lose weight?

Hmmmmm… I totally needed a change of clothing as all, and I mean all my clothes became too small to fit and I wasn’t happy about that. Then I knew it was time to deal with the weight gain.

3. What were the hardest and easiest parts of the journey?

The hardest was the exercise/workout routines, I’m a 9-5er and hence I’m out of the house by 5am and don’t get back till 9pm. (thanks to Lagos traffic) it is the hardest because I don’t feel up to it before 5am and at the same time I’m knackered by the time I get home @ 9pm… but the morning confessions helped to stay on track and remain focused.

The easiest part for me is the accountability that comes with it. I know I am accountable to someone (my amazing coach ?) and that, I tell myself “babe you need to deliver cos you don’t wanna score zero on the scoreboard for today. Lolest”

4) How are you working on maintaining the weight lost?

I still make sure I have someone I am accountable to, still go over my confessions, and keep up with the whole weight loss which includes eating healthy as a lifestyle.

5) Advice for anyone planning to embark on the journey.

My advice for anyone planning to embark on a weight loss journey is “Don’t give up” Tell yourself, “I can do it” – say it out. Don’t be discouraged when the desired results ain’t visible yet, just put in more work. Finally, don’t be pressurized by anyone or anything, do this for you at your pace but remember too; consistency is the key. Cheers




Love love love this interview with Toke Salami. Plus, she’s super beautiful too.
Can’t wait to run the next with you. Even better, I can’t wait to run yours too so stay on the grind and trust the process.

Happy holidaying…

My nieces and I holidaying at my parents


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